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Marked Butts Domestic DisciplineGet this video at Marked Butts Domestic Discipline
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The Thieving Tramp

In 'The Thieving Tramp', Johanna wakes up in Las Vegas naked as the day she was born in her dates presidential suite after a sexually charged night together and a lot of deep conversations. However, little does Kyle know that Johanna plays this game every night, and as she tries to subtly sneak the $100 bill out of his wallet, Kyle walks in and is very saddened to find out this girl he had such a fun night with was just a common trampy escort! Since she took his money, he decides he is going to spank her as soundly as he can before he kicks her out, and if she calls anyone, he will just tell them he hired her to spank.He lays into the protesting escorts bottom, first over panties she just put back on before he caught her, and then on her completely bared bottom! A must see video where a deserving brat gets her comeuppance!More Free Previews from Marked Butts Domestic Discipline

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ADVERTISEMENTMr Nightingale is trying to teach a PE Lesson but Sophie and Lucy keep messing around. They mistakenly think that the Head Teacher is away and that they cannot be punished. Both girls are surprised when she walks in and not very happy when they both get the slipper.