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Corporal Punishment Videos

Free video previews and galleries from a massive network of exclusive spanking, caning and corporal punishment sites. New Premium Video Updates twice a week.


Worst Behavior Productionsspankingleather paddlestockingsstrapmf spankingLola AndersonAug 12The Slipper, Paddle, Strap And Penalty Swats For Naughty Lola - Part 2Naughty Lola wants a good spanking after a long day at work. She gets a good OTK spanking over her dress, panties, and on the bare bottom. She is slippered, paddled with a leather paddle, strapped with a heavy prison strap and finally opens her naked bottom wide for Penalty Swats.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingotkmf spankingReyna St. ClairAug 12Over Her Data, Over His Lap - Reyna Pays For Playing On Her PhoneLike many girls her age, Reyna is often found playing on her phone. Tired of her constant overages on her data plan, her Step Dad has had enough. Pulling her across his lap, her bottom stings under his hand as he scolds her to be responsible. His hand stings through her thin yoga pants.
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingstrapmf spankingSamantha StormAug 11A Provocative Punishment - High Socks StrappingSamantha Storm was spanked in her provocative attire and then on the bare bottom! Several straps were used across her ass and thighs in revealing positions. This lesson is finished off by some excellent cuts of the cane, and look for some bonus cane strokes after the movie is over!
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingstockingsmf spankingAshley LaneViolet OctoberAug 09They Lost My Money In Vegas - Part 1Ashley Lane and Violet October took $500 or $600 I had left in the hotel suite and went gambling - they lost it all. They were punished hard! I spanked those naughty bottoms red, paddled them hard, and took out the prison strop (a two sided strap) and strapped those bare asses to boot.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingotkmf spankingCasey CalvertAug 09Spanking Bloopers - Casey Calvert - Very Serious Business Lingerie Spanking - BTSWhat started out as pretty girl Spanked in lingerie turns into a series of bloopers that were too funny not to share. A series of mishaps leave Casey with the giggles. A lovely view of this beautiful girl being spanked OTK in pretty pink polka-dot lingerie.
Marked Butts Domestic Disciplinespankingotkuniform spankingmf spankingKyle JohnsonNew Model Riley StarrAug 09Riley Starr - The Naughty CheerleaderRiley Starr, all dressed in her cheer top, introduces herself and lets you know she's been a very naughty cheerleader and skipped practice, so now she is going to get a very hard spanking. Her boyfriend Kyle comes in and tells her to get ready for her spanking.
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingstrapmf spankingSamantha StormAug 09Disappointed Step-Father - Part 2Samantha Storm is in a lot of trouble! Even though she is 21, she came home messed up and acted rather foolish, she couldn't talk or walk right. It was a shame. Samantha has been allowed to live with her Daddy rent free as she finishes college and this ridiculous behavior would not be tolerated.
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingbdsmriding cropbastinado falanga falakamf spankingSunnyAug 06I Cry When You Spank My Bare Bottom And My Bare Feet - Part 1Sunny is told to lay over a desk and to present her feet for some painful bastinado. Her bare feet take stinging strokes with the riding crop (leather and plastic) and the bamboo cane. She will certainly be walking gingerly after this discussion!
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingcosplaystockingsstrapff spankingApricot PittsMiss LovecraftNEWThe Strap And The Cane - Let Us Prey Two - Vol1Apricot is caught vaping, drinking and cavorting with young women in her private religious school. She's in for a corporal punishment now. She finishes the punishment with a good strapping and bare bottom caning.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingleather paddlemf spankingStevie RoseNEWPaddled Till She Wets Herself - Stevie RoseStevie is ordered to stand in the corner with her freshly spanked bottom on display for 10 minutes. She begs to go to the bathroom and to be sent to bed. Unable to hold it any longer, clenching as it begins to trickle down her leg.
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingotkmf spankingNew Model Crystal WatersNEWA Spanking Reminder - Hand On The AssA girl should really keep up on her spanking punishments. Case in point, Crystal Waters had her first real spanking a full year before this shoot. She knows what she needs and that she desires corporal punishment, but Crystal waited.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingotkpantyhosepussy spankingmf spankingTrouble MakerNEWPantyhose Thrashing - Late For The PartyEvery time they have a social engagement, troublemaker pushes their schedule to the last minute. Coming home to find her laying on the bed in pantyhose, making them late again. If they are already behind schedule, he decides they have time enough to warm her bottom.


NEWMy Seemingly Endless Birthday SpankingEvery year one of the many ways in which I celebrate my birthday is to choose one of our lovely ladies to give me a birthday spanking. This year, in a journal posting, I asked readers to email in their suggestions. After narrowing the field a bit, we all agreed that it ought to be Sinn Sage.
NEWTwo Drinks Later - Vol1Young research physicist is almost mousy at work and nerdy. But after a couple of drinks it's the classic Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde story. At the University holiday party she had a couple of drinks and was so lewd it could have cost her job - but she and her boss come up with another solution - a thrashing!
NEWCountry Fried Ass - Part 2Necia arrived to visit with her cousin Megan for a few weeks and all heck has broken loose around town. Girls will be girls, but when they mess up, they get a spanking too. They both get more with the crop and damn does it sting!
NEWTaking A Spanking For Love - OTK SpankingIt's all about a Daddy and his Stepdaughter in the mid 80's, and the challenges that many people felt and faced. What starts out as a punishment for Alex, turns into a journey for her and her Daddy. The punishment starts over the knee with her panties up, then pulled down for maximum effect.
NEWBathtime - Put Up A FightRosaleen has been at the center for 2 weeks and has put up a fight at bathtime every single night. Miss Parker is quite a bit sick of it and spanks the naked Rosaleen's bare bottom and forces her in the tub, still reddened and pouting.
NEWSpanking Teen Skylar - Missed CurfewConfronted in the kitchen first thing in the morning, 'Do you think I'm gonna continue ignoring it when you come home at all hours of the night?' Pulled across step dad's knee, Skylar's dress is pulled up for a painful embarrassing spanking.
NEWRiley's First SpankingRiley Starr is a cute and bubbly California girl whose a former cheerleader and one of Kyle's mentees off-camera. Her panties are peeled down, revealing her beautiful bare bottom, which is now a bright shade of red.
NEWHardly Angels - Part 2Casey Calvert, Ashley Lane and Veronica Weston are 'Hardly Angels' When the Angels lose the suspect they are punished by Bottomsly. All are punished well OTK, belted and the strap. In the end, even their helper, Apricot Pitts is punished.
NEWRepeat Offense Punishment - Ass CroppingIt's bad enough to have to give punishment, but when the offense(s) happens more than once it becomes more clear that more severe punishment is necessary. Step-Daddy goes right to the riding crop to warm up and punish this girl's bottom.
NEWTaken To School - Part TwoChelsea lands on a plan. A strict disciplinary regime is at hand for Stevie. Every time Jack leaves, Stevie must dress up in humiliating school girl uniforms and take spankings, or Chelsea will tell Jack all!
NEWTummy AcheJasmine has a tummy ache and says she can't go to school, Shanelle takes her to the toilet because she doesn't believe she has a tummy ache. So then Jasmine gets put over the knee for a good hand spanking, then bent over the couch for a strapping she won't forget!
NEWThe Burning Desire For A Spanked Behind - Part 3Still not satisfied and determined to change her ways, Uncle Jhonny bares her behind for several canes that are applied on her naked ass and tender thighs!!! As he tucked her into bed, Uncle Jhonny felt that perhaps he had bettered Sunny's behavior.
NEWLeavingSusanna has just learned that she was caught for leaving the house without permission. He will not stand for her disobedience. Susanna gets a bare bottom spanking over his knee. To make sure she doesn't repeat the mistake again he gives her a good thrashing with the cane.
The Slipper, Paddle, Strap And Penalty Swats For Naughty Lola - Part 1Naughty Lola wants a good spanking after a long day at work. She gets a good OTK spanking over her dress, panties, and on the bare bottom. She is slippered, paddled with a leather paddle, strapped with a heavy prison strap and finally opens her naked bottom wide for Penalty Swats.
Real Punishment Series – Her Much Needed Spanking - The CaningThis is an intense spanking that you get to witness. Some punishments fire up a behind and some do that and bring some tears as well. 36 strokes of the cane bring Sunny to full on tears. Perhaps a cry that she needed.


Trouble At School - Beaten At Home - Severe Belt Whipping For Maddy MarksEmbarrassed by her behavior, he is determined to give her embarrassing punishment. The familiar sound of his adult porn through the loops send shivers down her back. Cracking down on the seat of her jeans she is given the hardest belt whipping she can remember.
Let's Just Spank The GirlBrand new to the GoodSpanking world and having appeared in only one video before ours, Cece is having problems getting her line out correctly. The spanking begins and then heats up quickly because Cece hasn't taken many spankings, yet. She adorably takes a good, sound bottom-reddening hand spanking.
A Spanking For The Little GrinchWhile at the crowded mall Christmas shopping, holiday hating Kyra takes it out on a somewhat bratty, but still quite young little one waiting in line to see Santa. Kyra gets a good, old fashioned stinging hand spanking that's hard enough to make her promise to change her ways!
Taking Chelsea's Birthday SpankingLovely Cece takes a nice warm-up spanking and it's time for the countdown. Cece counts out 21 (yes, Chelsea's 21 again) hard hand spanks. Then, it's time for a paddle...a large wooden one.
In Case She's Been Naughty - Part TwoA girl in need of a spanking is something Chelsea never ignores or takes lightly. Soon it's time to get this sizzling spanking going hard. Chelsea brings on another stinging paddle and then finishes off with a serious strapping, which is exactly what Kyra's been craving! Hot stuff!
Christy Cutie Spanked After Work - Belt, Bathbrush And CropIn Christie Cuties Spanking Fantasies series she often thinks about a good ass beating after a stressful day and act that out for the camera, OTK, belt, bathbrush and crop.
Jenny Lazy AssistantThe manager has just found Jenny being lazy when there is work to be done. He takes her over his knee for a firm spanking. Because Jenny has still not learned her lesson he takes his strap to her bare bottom.
Period Drama 2Rosaleen Young was sleeping and didn't wake up in time, Victoria comes in lays her over in bed and gives her a good hand spanking on her bare bottom, and then gets strapped as she screams in pain!
Playtime With Kiki - Sensual Lingerie CaningPushing her bottom up to meet the birch bundle, rhythmic strokes across her cheeks and down the backs of her thighs. She is warned playfully not to clinch she takes stroke. His hands caress and stroke her flesh, warm with building desire.
Wife In DisgraceBob's wife Amanda has just came home three hours late and lies about where she was. Bob decides Amanda must be punished with a proper spanking across his knee, until she will confess the truth.
Chrissy Marie Punished In Pigtails - Nude Wet Belt And PaddleChrissy Marie begins to bag as his big hands slide her panties down, exposing her wet throbbing bottom for more discipline with his belt. Suffering through more hard licks, hoping desperately her punishment is over soon. Stepdaddy produces a giant paddle, warning her.
Bare Bottom Strap And Cum For Arielle - Part 2She loves his touch and can barely wait for him to pull her pants down and punish her bare bottom. Hard bare strapping has her moaning even as she pushed her bottom up to encourage him. Searing heat on her swollen mounds as he delivers powerful strokes evenly to both sides.



ADVERTIZE HEREChrissy Marie plays hooky from school pretending to be sick often. Fed up with her excuses, her step-daddy will go the extra mile to expose her deception. Fed up with her act, he decides to expose her plot and humiliate her. Turning her over on her tummy, her panties are pulled down. Putting on inspection gloves her tight little bottom hole is lubed generously as she whimpers with embarrassment. She clenches as his thick finger slides into her naughty bottom, soon to be replaced with a rectal thermometer. Chrissy whimpers, knowing that her deception will soon be found out and she will be punished.TermsLegal InfoPrivacyCookiesDMCASite LinksNews PageFree SitesNew ModelsFriend's SitesLinksSearchWebmasterAbout UsAdvertize With UsLink ExchangeBuy this domainSocialNewsletterShareContactspanking