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Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fotkblack girls spankingIvy SherwoodOctober 22Pajamas Down - Paddled And Pleasures - Ivy SherwoodPicking up a thick wood paddle, Ivy gasps at the first impact. Ragged breathing as she tries to absorb the punishing swats, whimpering over his lap. Some hand spanking, his hand trails to pet her pussy, working her into a frenzy. Will he let her cum??
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingm/fstockingsbutthole spankingerotic spankingZoe VandolofOctober 22Spank My Lady Parts - ZoeZoe Vandolof is given a very pleasurable and intimate spanking on her lady parts after her ass has been busted earlier. She squirms and coos from climax to climax. This is a very erotic spanking video.
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fotkChelsea PfeifferMaddy MarksOctober 19Spanked For Scratching The CarMaddy borrows Chelsea's car and returns it with a scratch on the bumper... Really? It's time for a hard hand spanking for the careless girl. This hand spanking leaves Maddy's bottom tender and hot!
Marked Butts Domestic Disciplinespankingm/fotkblack girls spankingNew Model Rose IIOctober 19Real Discipline Series: Rose's Guilt Part 1In this serious Real Discipline Session 'Rose's Guilt', Rose receives a very long discussion with a very long handspanking, first over her tight blue jeans and then onto her panties and bare bottom.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fstrapStevie RoseOctober 19Harsh Personal Training - Prison Strapping - Part 2The unbearable sting of the strap on her spandex covered bottom is about to get much worse. Stevie whimpers as the giant strap collides, leaving angry red welts with each stroke. Her pretty round cheeks are scalded angry red, framed by her tiny cotton thong.
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fotkCeceChelsea PfeifferOctober 16Do I Have To Tell You? - Part OneCece has a problem remembering little things and is constantly asking Chelsea to remind her...over and over. So, ever so patiently Chelsea took forgetful and bothersome Cece over her knee for a much needed harder reminder!
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fleather beltbelt spankingSkylar RoseStevie RoseOctober 15Held In Place For Bare Bottom Discipline - Stevie And Skylar Rose - Too Big For Her Britches - Part 3With her panties around her ankles, Skylar is held firmly over Stevie's lap. The sound of his belt sliding through the loops sends a familiar chill through her. Thick leather collides with her poor bare bottom. The lesson is finished with a big paddle blistering her bare bottom.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fwooden paddleArielle LaneCarolinaOctober 15Shorts Five - Wet Butt Bare Butt PaddlingFrom Carolina's Butt Whoppin, this hard paddling, 10 across her bottom with wet panties stretched across it, and 10 on the bare, is hard and direct and you will see the markings quickly. The hard licks from the wood paddle make her ass jump every swat. She howls.
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fotkChelsea PfeifferMaddy MarksOctober 12Lazy Asses Get SpankedMaddy is lounging the afternoon away on the couch and keeps asking Chelsea to fetch her things. It doesn't take Chelsea long to figure out a better way to spend her time than fetching for the couch princess. Even princesses get spanked as Maddy certainly does- with a hairbrush too!
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fstockingsstrapDani SorrentoOctober 12Pain Is An Excellent Teacher - Dani Sorrento Company Retreat 3 - StrappingDani is happy when she is ordered over to the bed, removing her bra and skirt, hoping the Boss wants to take advantage. Bent over she takes a hard paddling before her panties are removed for a brutal bare strapping.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fstockingsstraphumiliationMiss LovecraftSage PillarZelda ElaineOctober 12Belted And Strapped - Parent's Credit Card - Part Two - Leather PaddleAfter long OTK spankings, the naughty girls who stole their parent's credit card and spent over $7000 at a ritzy resort during Spring Break are given a good belting and strapping across bare asses in exposed positions. Watch those naked bottoms jump and move every time the leather bites naked skin.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fpaddleApricot PittsStevie RoseVP And Department Head Punished Pt1When Apricot's assistant messed up her calendar she missed a very important meeting. Now she and her boss are both in trouble. Her bottom is worn out over her boss' lap before she is paddled, paddled in the diaper position and receives 15 Penalty Swats!


Oct 22Library AssistantWith a new library assistant , they go over the expectations and when they don't do a good job they get spanked! Jemma goes over the knee for a demonstration how it's done and Karen also bends over for some hand smacks! So they know what they get if they step out of line!
Oct 19Erica ThrashedErica is put over the knee for a hand spanking thrashing on her bare ass, getting redder and sore with every smack! She is put in the corner and then kneeled over the chair for a strapping lesson so she won't ever do it again, or she'll get double!
Oct 19Showers Not AllowedHanne is in the shower when she's actually not suppose to be. She knows that this incident will be punished, right there in the bathroom, no way out. She has to bend over and take a proper hand spanking on her wet bare bottom!
Oct 16Masie Dee IntroductionIn this 8 minute long introduction, we meet Masie Dee, a cute spunky girl who has always had an interest in spanking. We find out in the pre-spanking interview that since she has NEVER been spanked before and only fantasized about it, she must take a full spanking in order to get the job.
Oct 08Bare Bottom Aftercare Massage - Arielle Lane's Sore BottomHer pretty bare bottom is punished red and throbbing. Arielle is rewarded with a powerful orgasm with the hitachi. Her swollen welted flesh is treated to an erotic massage. His strong hands kneed and pleasure her poor bottom. She is once again flooded in pleasure with the feeling of his touch.
Oct 05Bedtime Blistering Slut Bunny Stevie RoseStripped to her socks and bunny ears, a menacing paddle is measured across Stevie's swollen bottom. Kicking defiantly, he pushes her legs apart, holding her down to punish her sit spots. Her bottom jiggles and flattens under heavy swats with the bath brush.
Oct 05Game Night Series: The Pain Game: Rose's Bad Luck - Part 2In Part 2 of The Pain Game with Rose, she uses her get out of a consequence free card to remove the Pantie Paddling she drew, so it goes from over her dress straight to her bare bottom with the hairbrush and a bare bottom caning to finish the game!
Oct 05How DisrespectfulMaddy decides to 'borrow' one of Chelsea's most precious necklaces, but is caught in the act! Bad behavior from a roommate? And, just plain disrespectful. Well, Chelsea knows how to handle such situations. She takes Maddy over her knee and proceeds to spank naughty Maddy.
Oct 05Vibrator Found In Her Dorm - Part TwoKat turns the tables on Juliette and makes her stick her bottom up high, spread wide and uses a vibrator on her sex while paddling her pretty bottom. Breathtaking paddling then bare bottom Penalty Swats.
Oct 05A Severe Caning For Elizabeth SimpsonElizabeth is in charge running her blog and interacting with her customers. She accidentally deleted all of the video content from the site and when she tried to fix her mistake she made it even worse. For her actions Elizabeth is going to receive an OTK spanking followed by a hard caning.
Oct 01Spank My Lady Parts To Climax 3 - Sarah Gregory - Part 1Miss Bernadette spanks Sarah's naked pussy, butt hole and bottom as Sarah has multiple orgasms. This is a very sexual, sensual film with some good spanking action. These were Sarah Gregory's first Penalty Swats and they are very intense.
Oct 01Hairbrush Blistering Troublemaker And Stevie - Spanked In Front Of Friends - Part 2Stevie and Troublemaker are not about to get off with a hand spanking. Hard and fast, the hairbrush crashes down on Stevie's ripe little bottom. Next, both girls are lined up side by side over the bed for a healthy dose of the razor strop.
Sep 28Rising The Temp Of Her Bare Bottom With The Hairbrush - Playing Sick - Part 2Pulling her naughty little bottom across his knee, his big hand slapping down. The clear outline of his big hand throbs from each of her tiny cheeks as she protests through her cries. Reaching the wood hairbrush from her bedside table, she is trapped spread across his knee for painful Discipline.
Sep 25A Bedroom Spanking3 Girls lined up and in turn each is punished on the bare bottom. The most severest caning goes to poor pretty Monica who is given a devastating thrashing with a thick rattan cane! A Classic movie which has been fully re mastered out now for full download exclusive to our members!
Pink Yoga Pants Paddled - Stevie Rose Bare Bottom Tease - Part 2The crack with thin wood paddle sears right through the skin-tight fabric. Stevie's perky little bottom absorbs the impact, jiggling as she grimaces in pain. Kicking her legs and crying out, wiggling her bottom under the relentless paddling.


Idle Rosaleen YoungRosaleen Young is given a long OTK spanking and a dose of Mums wooden cooking spatula, which has poor Rosaleen doing the Spanky Dance all over the kitchen as her Mum holds her over the counter and toasts her young buns.
Sweet, Cute And Ever So Spankable - Part TwoThe reason Chelsea takes the sensual approach is because it can work up quite a bit of chemistry. That's when things really heat up. Adorable Alex's strapping is topped off with a stinging caning! Wow!
Good Girls Get To Cum - Pleasure Swats 3 - Erotic Forced OrgasmStevie is stripped out of her panties, spread, oiled and exposed over his lap. Luxuriating under his touch, his fingers on her cunt, primed for what's next. The powerful vibrator is positioned at her clit, pulsing, teasing as he continues to spank her.
Paige CaughtPaige was caught pleasuring herself during work hours and her boss if furious. Paige is bent over her desk and receives a firm thrashing. Then her boss takes the paddle to her bare backside.
Schoolgirls Bad TummyMasie was telling lies is promptly hand spanked to tears by her angry Guardian, who teaches her about not being able to pass anything in the toilet, while spanking her little pale bare bottom!
Spanked For SpeedingA newcomer to GoodSpanking, adorable Cherry is as naughty as they get! She comes home pouting because she got pulled over for speeding and couldn't charm the police officer. Chelsea takes the reckless little dear over her knee for a good hard hand spanking lesson in obeying the rules of the road!
Appropriately Naughty - Part OneDarling Andy and slightly dangerous Chelsea begin a sensual spanking session, dressed in delighting devilish colors and sharing a chemistry that is warming even before the spanking starts. And very soon, things start to get hotter...when the strapping ensues!
Stevie Caned Nude - Strict StepdaddyThe cane whistles through the air, cutting fresh welts into poor little Stevie's bare bottom. She pushes up obediently, sniffling and crying throughout the strokes. Collapsing in agony into the bed, he waits for her to resume position.
Decoy DisasterAn angry Kyle, realizing he has been played, decides to teach Stevie a lesson by spanking her high school friend first over her short shorts, than over her panties, than onto her BRIGHT RED BARE BOTTOM as she protests and Stevie watches unconcerned with her wellbeing.
RDS: Johannas Emotional Release: The Hairbrush FinaleAfter 5 minutes of a blistering intermittent hairbrushing, Kyle lets the poor girl sit on his lap and runs her back, talking about the changes she needs to make into her ear as the camera fades to black with her tears echoing. AN AMAZING FINALE TO A LONG HARD AND VERY REAL SESSION!
I Like To Get My Butt Spanked - Part OneChelsea is never one to deny a girl what she needs in regards to being spanked. Stevie drapes her lovely body over Chelsea's knee and the sexy spanking begins. Before long, Chelsea takes up the hairbrush and things begin to really heat up!
Hot And Not Very Fun! Feat. Skylar RoseWhen Skylar decides to miss a day of work because it's difficult and 'not fun,' Chelsea knows it's time to teach the girl a lesson. Skylar is taken off her ungrateful seat and over Chelsea's knee she goes. The ensuing hard hand spanking teaches the petulant beauty the lesson she needs!