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Corporal Punishment Videos

Free video previews and galleries from a massive network of exclusive spanking, caning and corporal punishment sites. New Premium Video Updates twice a week.


Assume The Position Studiosspankingotkpyjamaswooden paddlemf spankingStevie RoseJun 28Stevie Rose Naughty List Paddling - OTK Pajama PaddlingRed plaid pajama pants outline Stevie's curly little bottom, thin fabric skin tight for the paddle. A wooden paddle swats her deserving cheeks as she lays across daddy's lap. The swats fall firmly, flattening her pert little bottom. Rolling up his sleeves, she knows she's in for a thorough paddling.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingleather paddleff spankingMiss LovecraftSage PillarZelda ElaineJun 28Time For The Paddle - Parent's Credit Card FinaleAfter being spanked, belted and strapped by the Resort Disciplinarian, Sage and Zelda drape themselves over the couch, bare bottoms up and open, and take a good paddling from the leather teardrop.
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingstrapswitchmf spankingRed IIIJun 28Motivational College Punishment #2 - Vol 2Previously Red needed some assistance with passing her classes and she felt that corporal punishment would be her best bet for motivation. And while the spanking did help, she found that ongoing motivation would be needed as she was falling behind in her classes.
Marked Butts Domestic Disciplinespankingotkmf spankingAmbereKyle JohnsonJun 28POV Series: Dirty Dish-AplineKyle furiously calls Ambere into the kitchen to ask why in the hell the dishes are still piled up when she promised to do them before he got home. He turns her around in her cute apron and spanks her from his point of view, so all spanks are seen firsthand.
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingcaningmf spankingSunnyJun 25Prepared For The Cane, By The CaneWhat is the best way to prepare for an impending judicial punishment with the cane? Well, some might say to have some coffee or to meditate, but Sunny chose to take the cane to prepare her for punishment!
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingotkstockingserotic spankingff spankingStevie RoseVeronicaJun 24Encore - Starring Stevie Rose And Veronica Weston - Vol1Two young, up and coming executives, report to the company suite for their evaluation. The boss has not been pleased with their recent performance which means they need to be punished. First the ladies are made to spank and paddle each other and then each receives a hard strapping.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingstrapmf spankingTrouble MakerJun 24Make Me Sore Step Daddy Heavy Leather For Troublemaker - Welted TwoTroublemaker has asked for a maintenance spanking until she is marked and sore. A thick Lexan paddle punishes her deserving cheeks. Alternating swats with a leather gloved hand and a wooden spoon keep her bottom throbbing. The thick leather strap descends with resounding impact.
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingcaningmf spankingAngel WingsJun 23Hard Licks In The Punishment Room #6 - Angel - CaneAngel makes her first visit to the Punishment Room and surely her pain is real! She has a lower pain tolerance. So every smack hurts her delicate bottom. It was time for he to feel the cane. I do believe a lesson was in fact learned, thanks to corporal punishment.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingstockingsstraphumiliationbutthole spankingff spankingChrissy MarieStevie RoseNEWTawse, Strap And Penalty Swats - Let's Be Honest Finale - Part 2Chrissy Marie's beautiful naked ass is tawsed in wet panties, strapped hard and then she gets on the floor and pulls her buttocks open wide for 20 painful penalty swats on the bare butt hole.
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingwooden paddlemf spankingSunnyNEWPlease Daddy, Spank Me Part 2 - Paddle On The Bare BottomShe needed it, she was making mistakes that she shouldn't have been. And she needed her ass to be warmed up good!!! Since Sunny had requested to be punished when she needed it, this time Daddy would not hold back right after already having given her punishment the day before.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingotkblack girls spankingmf spankingIvy SherwoodNEWA Proper Young Lady - Home For The Summer 2 - Pink Thong Panties Spanked And Paddled OtkWith Ivy's shorts pulled down her perky little butt is revealed. Impossibly bubbly cheeks framed in a bright pink thong. Step daddy's big hand has her cheeks bouncing as the heat rises from her punished skin. Smack, flatten, jiggle, Ivy whimpers has his hand echoes off her bottom.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingwooden paddlemf spankingCasey CalvertNEWBare For The Strap And Paddle - Face Cam - Spanking Teen CaseyFace cam angle. Trembling in pain, the resounding cracks of the paddle flattens Casey's poor bottom. After ten swats, she is re-positioned, obediently counting the final cruel swats of the paddle. Clenching and crying out as her bottom is bruised.


Jun 28A Poor Girl SpankedJenna has been in hospital overnight because she drunk far too much at a party. Mum comes along to see and is furious with her wayward child. She gives her a hard spanking and paddling on her hands and bottom.
NEWRoommate Cosplay Spankings - Paddle, Tawse And Penalty SwatsAlice Pillar and Tani Rogue are roommates and monthly they get together to spank each other for apartment/roomie infractions. After returning from a B&D party, and buying a bunch of fun spanking paddles, tawse and crop they decide it's time for the monthly spankings.
NEWPOV Series: Christmas Peeker ThrashedAmbere has opened up her presents, except for one: a paddle from Kyle to use on this naughty girl who he caught peeking at all her presents and re-wrapping them the night prior. Poor naughty Ambere's cheeks are turned Amber red as she squeals and complains about her Christmas Day spanking.
NEWShoplifting Earns Her A Scorched AssKissed is given heavy and ample dose of two leather straps that have her struggling to keep composure. It gets worse when she is to take a painful rubber strap with holes that bites deep into her cheeks! To top it off Kissed gets swat after searing swat with a wooden paddle that also has holes.
NEWAddie's Pranks - Tasteless FelicitationsPrankster Addie is up to her old tricks when she gives Chelsea a deliberately mean birthday card. Chelsea doesn't take the tasteless joke very well and Addie ends up OTK AGAIN! Addie goes from giggling to pouting in no time and gets all that she deserves. That would be a red, hot bottom!
NEWBare Bottom Reminders- Get Gas Or Pay With Your Ass 3With her bottom on fire from paddling and belting, Troublemaker is taught a lesson in avoiding pain for the future. Her panties are lowered for a severe strapping with a giant Prison Strop. Each stroke is delivered for maximum correction, crying and whimpering as she learns her lesson.
NEWStealing From The Company - Punishments Day 1 - Spanking And The Paddle - Part 2Beautiful Sage Pillar and tiny little Jackie Jupiter are caught stealing company funds and get a long spanking on the skirt, panties and bare bottom. Then those bottoms are barred and paddled hard.
NEWReal Punishment Series – Her Much Needed Spanking - The CropThis is an intense spanking that you get to witness. Some punishments fire up a behind and some do that and bring some tears as well. In this case there were lots of tears as Sunny needed a good punishment session. Finally, 36 strokes of the cane bring Sunny to full on tears.
NEWStress Relief Beating - Sobbing Under The Razor Strop And PaddleHard and fast Stevie is beaten, taking her to the place where she can let go of all the daily stress. A heavy maple pedal brings a new level of mind clearing pain to her swollen cheeks picking out from under her shorts. Sniffling as the tears fall she counts on him not to stop.
NEWChelsea Spanks Andy Moon - Part TwoAs the erotic spanking experience continues, Chelsea decides to push Andy's envelop a bit. Well, actually more than a bit. Another thick wooden paddle is employed, along with a delicious little snappy crop. Mmmmm!
NEWThe Initiation - Part 3Four girls go to one's family vacation house, two seniors and two freshmen. The younger girls are there to be initiated in a Sorority that is know for Lilith action and lots of spanking! Each ends up spanked and paddled and two get penalty Swats when Dad walks in on the action.
NEWRaising Her Right - Art 1 - On The PantiesAshley was caught stealing from a local party store and the security cameras captured every bit of her and her friend's committing the crime. Ashley wasn't raised to make poor choices, but when she did, she knew that bare bottom spankings would be soon to follow.
Harsh Bare Strapping For Maddy Marks - Punished For LyingBent over in her skimpy thong bodysuit, Maddy Marks is bent at the waist, legs spread, bracing herself with her hands against the wall. Each crack of the leather strap echoes through the room, followed by a gasp and whimper of pain.
She Chose A Spanking - By My HandDeep down, Samantha knows that corporal punishment motivates her, and although she knows that it's gonna hurt, she chooses the spanking. When the time for her punishment arrives, Samantha is first taken over the knee and spanked in her tight blue jeans with the hand, and then with a small paddle.
Raven Opened, Spanked And Penalty SwatsThis is the conclusion to Raven Discovers where young Raven is punished for her foul mouth by Alex Reynolds. Alex spanks and molests young Raven with spanking, pussy spanks and Penalty Swats. Raven catches 3 solid orgasms while being 'Punished.'


Erica ThrashedErica is put over the knee for a hand spanking thrashing on her bare ass, getting redder and sore with every smack! She is put in the corner and then kneeled over the chair for a strapping lesson so she won't ever do it again, or she'll get double!
Spanked For Dirty DishesKyra carelessly uses dishes and then just leaves them in the sink. Well, Chelsea's not a maid and she's not taking it any more. She takes a heat-resistant spatula (a clean one) and uses it to turn Kyra's firm, fine behind not just pink, but red!
Long Hard Paddling For Lying 2 - Maddy Marks Hard OTK PunishmentMaddy's punishment is far from over. Stripped to her thong bodysuit, her bottom is paddled hard and fast with a variety of paddles. First a stinging ruler is used up and down the back of her thighs. Then a hairbrush and increasingly heavy paddle splat down on her pretty round bottom.
Stairwell PunishmentsThree schoolgirls have been sent to the Matron for discipline. They must sit on the stairwell and each wait their turn for punishment by the Matron who is sitting at the top of the stairs. The first girl called up has never been disciplined at school before, so she receives only an OTK hand spanking.
Wife In DisgraceBob's wife Amanda has just came home three hours late and lies about where she was. Bob decides Amanda must be punished with a proper spanking across his knee, until she will confess the truth.
Yes MissSusan is furious and when the young brat Rosaleen Young tries to act tough, the much larger Susan wrestles her over the knee and spanks the little slutty brats bare bottom til she promises to stop sleeping with Susan's guy.
Office Girls Out All Night Part Two - Chair PunishmentIn Part One we see the girls spanked and getting a wet panty paddling for staying out all night and call calling in sick, leaving the department empty. In Part Two the girls are first paddled bare bottom while straddling the back of a chair - watch those bottoms bounce.
Spank My Lady Parts To Climax - Part 1 - AdrianaThis is the most erotic, most intimate, most sexual and compelling of my films. Girls kissing, girls loving, girls most intimate parts being spanked until they cum, multiple times. Two of the prettiest coochies you will ever see spanked, and spanked and spanked.
Belt Whipped On The Seat Of Her Panties- Stevie's Stern Stepdaddy - 2Stevie moves to take position bent over the bed. Sniffling and whimpering under his heavy belt, the sting is almost unbearable. Protesting as she is ordered to lower her shorts. She cries out, jumping in pain as his belt corrects her behavior on the seat of her panties.
Penalty Swats 18 - Samantha GraceSamantha is late one too many times. Patience is over now, no more discussions. She now faces 15 good Penalty Swats on the bare butthole to make her learn the importance of timeliness.
Casey Earns The Right To Cum - Graduation Party 3Casey's poor little bottom is on fire, her asshole stuffed with the thick plug, her cunt dripping out of control. Standing to unbuckle his belt, her glistening cunt trembles with anticipation. Cracking down hard on her cheeks, she moans, learning her lesson even as she is overcome with lust.
A History Of DisciplineChelsea is studying up for her thesis paper on the history of discipline, but there's a problem when Christy chooses this particular time to vacuum...right around Chelsea's feet. Chelsea has a paddle right there to put to good use on Christy's ripe, round bottom!



ADVERTIZE HEREThe gorgeous, but ever the naughty minx, Liz Rainbow visited us from Spain for some well earned discipline and she told us she loved the Bellview series and one of her fantasies was to be spanked in a Bellview uniform. We obliged of course and in part one Liz goes across my knee for a well deserved hand spanking. In the second half of her punishment, Liz is lain over the side of our lounge chair, bare bottom up, and she feels the old fashioned sting of our Slipper. When she screams too loudly her panties are stuffed into her mouth. She ends up in the corner with a very sore bottom but a very wet pussy she tells us. :)TermsLegal InfoPrivacyCookiesDMCASite LinksNews PageFree SitesNew ModelsFriend's SitesLinksSearchWebmasterAbout UsAdvertize With UsLink ExchangeBuy this domainSocialNewsletterShareContact