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Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingm/fotkKissedJanuary 19Welted In The Woods – A Springtime Spanking - Part 1Kissed was supposed to show up for punishment. Instead of being on time and accepting her over the knee punishment like a good girl, she unfortunately showed up late and her ass would pay a painful price during an epic indoor outdoor spanking!!
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fleather paddlestockingserotic spankingBritney LightLola AndersonVeronicaJanuary 18Sister's Toy - Part 2When Britney Light is caught rifling through her sister's (Veronica Weston) drawers to find a favorite vibrator and plays with it, along with her friend Lola Anderson, there is hell to pay. Both face long OTK punishments as well as two paddles and Penalty Swats.
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fstrapAndy MoonChelsea PfeifferJanuary 18A Pretty Fantasy - Part TwoAs Andy's sensual spanking session continues, Chelsea decides that the lovely lingerie was nice, but a naked Andy is even better. The beautifully fully nude Andy is instructed to lay tummy down on the carpet, perfectly positioned for not just one strapping, but two! Seriously hot!
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fstrapTrouble MakerJanuary 18Your Panties Are Coming Down - Bare StrappingTrouble maker relishes in the burn of his thick belt across her naughty cheeks. Whimpering as the licks for harder, he pauses to inspect her tender flesh. Adding to her humiliation, her panties are lowered to her thighs for the painful application of heavy leather straps.
Marked Butts Domestic Disciplinespankingf/fleather paddleElizabeth SimpsonRosaleen YoungJanuary 18Rosaleen Young's Wet KnickersRosaleen sits down on the wet chair and gets her knickers all wet, but it looks like she has wet her pants and gets in trouble for it! She is put over the knee after taking off her dress for a good hard hand spanking on her wet knickers!
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingm/fstockingsTracey TrysteroJanuary 17College Party Girl's Punishment - Hand SpankingStep-Daddy applies a stinging hand spanking. Then he peels off his leather belt, and applies it to her bare bottom! Tracey takes a good spanking, but she's determined not to follow the rules so she meets up with Lynn at a hotel and begins putting together a huge party.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fjeans spankingwooden paddleStevie RoseJanuary 14100 Paddle Swats Stress Relief SpankingWhen the stress of everyday life builds up a good mind clearing endorphin rush at the hands of a skilled and trusted friend is just the ticket. Stevie is positioned with her bottom thrust up over a pillow in a pair of tiny Jean shorts. I thick wood paddle slaps down crisply from cheek to cheek.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankinglesbianf/fleather paddleerotic spankingJill KassidyJuliette MarchSarah GregoryJanuary 14Starlet Five - Finale - Part 1The end of a long and successful series where our Starlet, Sarah Gregory, spanks Jill Kassidy, Britney Light, and Kate Kenzi. In this episode Sarah herself faces a long punishment, spanking, paddling and the strap and Juliette Marsh takes spanking, the strap and lots of Penalty Swats.
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fstrapChelsea PfeifferKyra FoxJanuary 14In Case She's Been Naughty - Part TwoA girl in need of a spanking is something Chelsea never ignores or takes lightly. Soon it's time to get this sizzling spanking going hard. Chelsea brings on another stinging paddle and then finishes off with a serious strapping, which is exactly what Kyra's been craving! Hot stuff!
Universal Spanking & Punishmentsspankingm/fleather paddlebastinado falakaNew Model AshtonJanuary 13Rave Girl Gets PunishedAshton often escapes punishment, but this time she's in for it! She's swiftly taken over the knee for a few choice spankings with the hand, though the majority of her punishment is her feet being punished and spanked with a small leather paddle.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingm/fstockingsleather beltbelt spankingAliceJanuary 11Session Two - His Belt - The Widower Sessions - Part 2In the first session Alice is given a long OTK spanking, finishing on her bare bottom and the sting and bucking around turns her on. For the second session she gets his leather belt, first doubled, then whipped single tail of the belt, then whipped more with the very end of the belt.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fotkleather paddleTrouble MakerJanuary 11Freshly Spanked Reminders - Get Gas Or Pay With Your AssAlmost running out of gas, Troublemaker panicky calls her boyfriend. Knowing full well she will be disciplined for her carelessness. In white crotchet shorts and a lacy white bra she is pulled across his knee for a small leather paddle.


Jan 19Trespassing - Part TwoSinn, while on a little day hike, suddenly needs to relieve herself. She goes off the trail a ways to seek some privacy so she can lower her pants and pee. Problem is, she happens to have wandered onto forest dweller Chelsea's property...right past the NO TRESPASSING sign.
Jan 14Disobedient After SchoolElizabeth knows that sometimes the only thing a naughty girl needs to settle her down is a well smacked bare bottom! As was the case with Katie (Sally) who found herself being placed over Miss Simpsons loving lap, knickers were pulled down & her lithe bare bottom was given a damn good smack!
Jan 11Please Daddy, Spank Me - Part 1 - On The FeetWhen Sunny gets a ticket and finds herself awash in worry about other problems, she turns to the person she trusts most, her Step-Daddy. This movie is 40 minutes of pure punishment and determination.
Jan 11Game Night Series: Spanking Pong With Jasmine Vs AmbereThe girls give a feisty pre match interview and after a long and catty game, Ambere emerges victorious, giving Jasmine a swift and embarrassing loss of her dignity as she is bent over Ambere's knee for a sound hand spanking followed by a belting over her panties.
Jan 10School Swats - Alex and Maddy at the Principal's OfficeMultiple tardies require a memorable priority adjustment for these two naughty schoolgirls. Given a choice between suspension and corporal punishment, they grudgingly choose a paddling. One of the time they bend over with their hands on the wall for the principal's big wooden paddle.
Jan 08The Bravery Of Being Spanked - Hand SpankingMegan would often spank herself as she thought about getting a real spanking, and on this day she would get that spanking by a stern, yet caring man. As she laid over the bed with her pants pulled down she knew it was going to hurt.
Jan 07The Widower Sessions - Session One And Aftercare - Part 1Her ad was placed for successful men who seek to pursue fetish fantasies. A professional by day, she seeks the excitement and good money to help men live sexual dreams. She meets a new client, a widower, who used to spank the wife he loved and lost.
Jan 072nd Base Means My Belt - Troublemaker Belt WhippedWith her bottom spanked hot and read across his lap, she can barely believe her fantasy is finally coming true. She starts to think her Spanking is over as he unbuckled his belt, only to bend her over the chair for a long dose of leather. She obediently keeps her bottom thrust out.
Jan 07A Pretty Fantasy - Part OneAndy and Chelsea embark on a sensual spanking session, apparently just what Andy needs. Dressed in sexy lingerie topped with a tight black leather skirt, she presents herself willing. Gracefully draping over Chelsea's knee, she accepts her bottom warming hand spanking.
Jan 07Spank My Bare BottomMonica is about to be spanked on her bare bottom! she takes off her bottoms and goes over the knee for a hand spanking, hard spanking! She then bends over as she is caned on her sore bruised bare bottom!
Jan 07The School ReportAs the title suggests poor Rosaleen has had her school report in. If we say it was 'worse than she expected' that would be an understatement. Elizabeth is nothing short of furious and no amount of pleading from Rosaleen will avert what is about to befall Rosaleen and her backside.
Jan 06Please Daddy, Spank Me - Part 1 - CaningWhen Sunny gets a ticket and finds herself awash in worry about other problems, she turns to the person she trusts most, her Step-Daddy. Her recent Step-Daddy has let her get away with bad behavior, but this time Sunny needs a real spanking. She directly asks Step-Daddy to punish her hard.
Jan 04Casey Calvert Hairbrush Blistering - Disappointed Stepdaddy - Part 2The shame of being punished over her step-Daddy's lap, struggling as he removes her shorts. A wet spot in the crotch of her grey cotton bodysuit betrays her arousal. His hand trails between her legs, petting and teasing as she moans for release.
Jan 04The Paddle And Strap For Ashley Lane - She Asked For Hard - Part 1Ashley Lane likes a good hard spanking from time to time and asked me to spank, paddle and strap her hard. I was pleased to accommodate. If you enjoy seeing a stunning beauty like Ashley punished hard in very revealing positions then this is your video!
Jan 04Please Daddy, Spank Me - Part 1 - Hand SpankingWhen Sunny gets a ticket and finds herself awash in worry about other problems, she turns to the person she trusts most, her Step-Daddy. Her recent Step-Daddy has let her get away with bad behavior, but this time Sunny needs a real spanking. She directly asks Step-Daddy to punish her hard.


Take Down Your Pants And Panties Feat. Skylar RoseWith now most vulnerable bottom, she goes over Chelsea's knee for a sound hand spanking that leaves her pert and fit little bottom red hot!
The Amy Hunter Stories - Better Beaten Than BoredChelsea's ready to begin her book detailing her experiences in the Spanking World, so she's hired ghost writer, Amy, to assist in the project. Unfortunately for Amy, Chelsea has a tendency to go on and on! Finally bored Amy drifts off to sleep and Chelsea has to 'wake her up,' so to speak.
Frozen Dragon, Heated ButtJohanna miserably failed when petsitting for Kyle's bearded Dragon Reptar! Upon returning to the apartment, Kyle flips the flustered girl over his knee and before long, takes her pants and panties down as he beats her butt bright red.
Game Night Series: The Pain Game: Rose's Bad Luck - Part 2In Part 2 of The Pain Game with Rose, she uses her get out of a consequence free card to remove the Pantie Paddling she drew, so it goes from over her dress straight to her bare bottom with the hairbrush and a bare bottom caning to finish the game!
A Date With Discipline - Friday Nighty Punishment Ritual - Ivy SherwoodThe giant leather strap collides with her pretty bare bottom sending ripples through her exposed flesh. A heavy leather paddle flattens her cheeks, Ivy gasps at each application. His hands sooth and tantalize as she is punished, preparing her for more to come.
Starlet - Part One - BabySarah Gregory takes the starring role in this all-star cast including Jill Kassidy, Britney Light, Juliette March, Kate Kenzi and John Osborne. In this first part Sarah is warned by her Agent that she can no longer see or be with beautiful young girls as it threatens her public image.
Sleeping On Her Tummy Tonight- Belt And Strap For Chrissy MarieChrissy Marie will be sleeping on her tummy tonight after she is punished with a belt and heavy strap. Straddling the corner of the bed, his belt punished her poor bottom as she cries pathetically. Removing her breasts from her skimpy leotard, adds to her humiliation as she is beaten with the strap.
Drunk SlagPeter came home and found Sunny asleep after drinking all morning. He is furious and gives Sunny a hard thrashing on her bare bottom. Then he takes the strap to her hands for stealing money from him.
Maddy Marks Hot And Tender Paddling - Spankflix And Chill - 3On her hands and knees are paddling is resumed, this time with a larger wood paddles. The crack of the paddle across skin tight spandex echoes in the room followed by her cries. She bucks forward under the intensity, writhing in pain before obediently thrusting her bottom out for the next swat.
How Did You Get Into Spanking - Part TwoLizzy's hot spanking session continues with more paddling, this time it's a little but deceptively hard wooden paddle. Then comes a cropping and finally a strapping! Lizzy's bottom is red hot, but her face is smiling!
Juliette Spanked, Paddled In Wet Panties, Caned And Penalty Swats Part TwoAll four girls from the department stayed out all night and don't show up to work. The other three are punished together the day before but Juliette has missed two days and will now get her angry boss' full attention.
Punished Again - Mean Girls Sequel Finale - Part 1Epic is full of good OTK and strapping action! Dave of ATP fame plays the Dean and he spanks those bottoms bright red before everyone gets a hard strapping! It's a long film so bring some popcorn. Thanks for all the support and kind messages in response to this series.