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Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fleather beltbelt spankingAnnabelle IISeptember 21Foreign Exchange Student Belt Whipping - Annabelle 3The unbearable sting of his belt colliding across her throbbing cheeks is unbearable. She begins to cry immediately as the licks fall fast and hard. Terrified as she takes her disappointment, she begged him not to punish her anymore.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingm/fpussy spankingbutthole spankingerotic spankingZiva FeySeptember 21Spank My Lady Parts - Ziva FeyZiva is a very sexual and naughty woman who likes more the fantasy spanking where she strips off her clothing slowly to feel a strong hand on her bottom and naked butthole. In this series of Lady Parts spankings another lady climaxes as her sex and butthole are spanked nude...
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fstockingsstrapApricot PittsReyna St. ClairSeptember 17She Lost The Bet ThreeAfter Spanking and Paddling Reyna, Apricot both seduces and puts Reyna on her back, in the diaper position, and straps her with a heavy strap on the bare bottom. You can see the excitement glistening from between Reyna's legs as she has dreamed of being punished by another girl.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fotkblack girls spankingwooden paddleIvy SherwoodSeptember 17Pajama Spanking OTK - Ivy SherwoodDressed for bed, Ivy won't be happy until her bottom is dealt with and a handful or orgasm to send her to blissful sleep. Alternating his hand with a paddle intensifies the sting through her thin pajamas painful, yet undeniably turned on.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fjeans spankingwooden paddleStevie RoseSeptember 14Spankers Dream - Stevie Paddled In JeansStevie is the perfect spankers dream. Petit, curvy, round, juicy bottom just begging for some firm attention. Her pretty curves are showcased in very tight jeans, bent over the bed, presented for a good hard paddling. Her cries are music to your ears as the big paddle cracks across the tight denim.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fpaddleBritney LightElla NovaSeptember 14Ella Paddles Britney To ClimaxElla continues the punishment of naughty Britney with a bare bottom paddling. After she swats that pretty big bottom red she takes a vibrator and works her with both the paddle and toy until Britney screams with joy.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/ff/fhairbrushSkylar RoseStevie RoseSeptember 10Double Punished Bare - Skylar Rose Hairbrush Spanking Over 2 LapsSkylar is spread over both knees, held in place for punishment by two sets of stern hands. Both her cheeks are spanked hard, the dual shock intensifies the pain and humiliation. He picks up the hairbrush to punish her tender flesh as Stevie holds her in place.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fstockingsstraperotic spankingCasey CalvertStevie RoseSeptember 10Consequences Redu Skylar And Casey Punished Paddle, Strap And Penalty Swats - Part 1These two films were combined and triple stack edited to bring you full pleasure and enjoyment of seeing both Skylar Rose and Casey Calvert spanked, paddled, strapped and receiving some harsh Penalty Swats.
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fotkChelsea PfeifferClare FondaSeptember 10Take A HikeUsing her hand and then three different paddles, Chelsea punishes and admonishes her hiking partner soundly, leaving Clare's bottom red hot and tender and her feelings sore.null When Clare's finally let back up, there's trouble in store for the bossy, self-righteous Chelsea.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingm/fotkStevie RoseShorts Four - Stevie Rose Real Life SpankingStevie Rose showed up on the set of Mean Girls Three without wardrobe and AT Spanked her butt good just a she deserves. A proper bare bottom spanking over his knee until her buttocks are red and sore.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fstockingsleather beltbelt spankingDani SorrentoSeduction Gone Wrong - Company Retreat 2Dani soon regrets her decision to seduce her boss. Finding herself bent over a chair in his room, his belt cruelly applied to her ample bottom. A large strap has her on the verge of tears as her ass is deeply bruised. If only he will reward her at the end of this ordeal, it will all be worth it.
Marked Butts Domestic Disciplinespankingm/fwooden paddleKyle JohnsonMelody PriceThe Painful Card Game: Melody PondMelody Pond wants to challenge the luck of the cards, and in the process of turning over the two kings, Melody earns herself multiple implements and a long bare bottom OTK until she is crying her pretty little eyes out!


Sep 17Barmaid Caught StealingIsis has been caught stealing and Mr. Harvey decides that a punishment is needed. He takes Isis over his knee for a firm spanking. Then she is given a long and much needed strapping on her rosy bare bottom.
Sep 16Chelsea Spanks Melanie JayneMelanie Jayne came to me as a complete newbie to spanking. She's a very sexual girl, having just moved here from Ohio to work in the adult entertainment industry. Yes, it's her dream to be a big porn star, but she's willing to try anything, she said. Anything? Really?
Sep 14HOT CHEEKS - Rosaleen Young 16Rosaleen Young's room is a mess and she refuses to clean it up. There are junk food everywhere. Ms. Simpson has had enough and takes Rosaleen over her knee for a hard OTK hand spanking, slippering on her bare bottom, and finally a caning. Great Female / Female spanking videos.
Sep 10Tiffany's First ShootTiffany is in the studio today. We perform a quick interview about her spanking experiences in the past and then the fun starts. Tiffany is spanked long and hard starting with a hand spanking, then the slipper, and finally a hard caning.
Sep 03Naughty Babysitter Stevie Caught With Sex Toys - Spanked OTKCatching Stevie with sex toys opens up a long overdue conversation. Forcing her legs apart, he slaps her ripe bottom and needy pussy. Warmed by his hand, a brutal bath brush has her crying immediately. Lecturing her on her inappropriate behavior as she is soundly spanked.
Sep 03She Lost The Bet - Reyna SpankedReyna makes a bet she knows she will lose and the consequences of the wager is a long spanking, paddling and penalty swats. In this part of the film she goes over Apricots lap for a long spanking over her skirt, then her sexy panties and finally on her bare and very exposed bottom.
Aug 31Edge Of Grace - Part 1This is a sequel to 'Fall From Grace'. Sexy Samantha Grace is spanked, paddled, then tawsed and strapped. She also takes some mean Penalty Swats. Watch this video, hard hitting and erotic spanking at its best.
Aug 31Bare Bottom Swats And Cum Rewards - Wayward Housewife Arielle Lane - Part 5The cool air of the room hits Arielle Lane's throbbing bottom and exposed cunt as his big hands pull her panties down. Sharp slaps of his big hand before he caresses and inspects her bottom. A heavy lexan paddle smacks down, crying out with short gasps with the impact.
Aug 27Stevie Rose- Nude Razor Strop And Paddling - That 70's Spanking - Part 4Determined to leave a lasting impression on her naughty backside, he selects a brutal heavy razor strop to punish Stevie Rose mercilessly. Forced to count the licks through her tears, she fights to hold position. Blisters and bruises on her bottom, she will have trouble sitting for days to come.
Aug 27Belted And Strapped - Parent's Credit Card Two - StrappingAfter long OTK spankings, the naughty girls who stole their parent's credit card and spent over $7000 at a ritzy resort during Spring Break are given a good belting and strapping across bare asses, totally exposed. Watch those naked bottoms jump and move every time the leather bites naked skin.
Aug 27Juicy Girls ThrashedAs the girls are laying on the couch playing with their dildos pleasuring themselves and each other when they are suppose to be working, and get caught and get a severe punishment! It starts as she kneels over the couch and gets a good hard hand spanking on her bare bottom before getting caned!
Aug 27Spankorama - Vol 3Lots of variety in plots, costumes and lovely ladies with beautiful behinds!null in this spanking video. Sinn Sage is 'Indiscreet' about watching her favorite late-night cable sex shows. See what happens next...
Aug 27No Time For A Bake SaleIn our first 'official' spanking MILFS story, Jewell Mareau is a busy working mom up against it time-wise when the annual bake sale roles around. Stay-at-home mom Stacy isn't thrilled about having to fill in for Jewell, yet again, and she isn't about to take it lying down!
Aug 24Anal Plugged Cum Whipping - Naughty Slut Christy CutieChristy Cutie is a naughty little slut who loves to have her holes stretched and filled. Grabbing a fistful of her hair has she rides the Hitachi to a powerful orgasm, removing the pleasure he lays final set of searing strokes forcing her to spread and take the post orgasm caning.
Aug 24Rachel Adam's Office Punishment Fantasy - Part 2Rachel dreams of being punished hard for an affair at the office. This part includes a long spanking over her skirt, then panties, then hose. She is then paddled with just her hose on and finally on the bare bottom. She also opens her bottom for bare butthole penalty swats.


The Exercise ClubJodie's bad attitude at work has almost gotten her fired.Instead of letting her go Jodie's boss gives her the punishment she asked to receive. Jodie gets a firm hand spanking on her lithe bare bottom that she quite enjoys.
Delinquent JasmineJasmine thinks she's too old to be spanked because she's 18 now, but he lets her know that she hasn't been acting like an adult and so is going to be spanked. Jasmine is spanked bare bottom over his knee. She is sent to bed with a sore red bottom and the promise of the slipper in the morning.
Bubble Butt Belle Spank And Pet Yoga Pants - Topless OTK Sensual SpankingSpread over his knee, he has full access to caress between her legs, swatting gently to appreciative moans. Swats and petting, her incredible bottom is spanked warm and pink. The drilled Spencer Paddle with blistering holes cracks down on the skin tight fabric.
Her Secret Spanking LifeVeda has a secret life making spanking movies on the side. Her secret is out when Chelsea finds a check made out to Veda from some production company. Chelsea, always curious and, of course watchful, searches the company on the Internet and finds that it's a spanking production company.
Elizabeth Meets And Spanks LucyElizabeth and Lucy meet and Elizabeth starts the spanking over the knee with the hand to warm Lucy up, then moves on to paddle and the cane to continue to punish her ass.
Casey Calvert - A Package For DaddyCasey comes home from dance recital dressed in a skimpy white leotard, half shirt and leg warmers. Sweetly she asks for a spanking and is promptly sent to the bedroom. Across his knee, her perky cheeks wobble under his smacks as she moans with enthusiasm.
Christy's Release - Belted And PaddledIn this film Christy is pleasuring herself when Daddy returns home from work and he catches her. He directs her to go soak her panties in water and put them on to be spanked and paddled. Then she is paddled and belted on the bare bottom.
Painful DetentionJodie has been caught fighting. The dean won't stand for it and gives her the punishment she deserves. Jodie goes over his knee for a firm spanking on her lithe bottom. He ends the punishment with his cane and she is left with a very sore backside.
Crossing The Line - ExposedAva hears her boss punishing another woman from the office and it turned her one. Sneaking back into the office to hear the cries of the punished woman, Ava began to fantasize her own trip to the boss' office for a red bottom in very nasty, revealing positions.
Hard Hairbrushing And StrappingRiley is procrastinating on some projects and is spanked and strapped hard to motivate better performance.
Spanking Rewards - Good Girls Get To Cum - Hard Hairbrush And HitachiHeld firmly and spread across his knee , The swats fall hard and fast as she wiggles and kicks in agony. Obediently taking her punishment, she earns a good girl reward. The hitachi brings her to a well-deserved orgasm as her sore her cheeks are paddled.
Bad Girls Get Belt Whipped - Bedtime Ritual 4Cruelly his hands punish her freshly fucked little pussy, she thrusts her bottom out obediently for the heavy belt. She is allowed to lay across the wedge with her bottom pushed high in the air, legs spread, soaked pussy throbbing with every stroke.