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Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fotkstockingsJuliette MarchKate KenziSarah GregoryDecember 03Starlet Three - Intern Kate - Part 1Kate Kenzi plays a potential intern for our Starlet, Sarah Gregory. But during the interview she has to submit to a good spanking as that is the method of discipline used with Sarah. Pretty Kate is spanked by both Juliette and Sarah bare bottom, in the diaper position and then Penalty Swats.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fotkpussy spankingBrittany ShaeDecember 03Daddy I'm Sorry - Brittany Shae Caught Sneaking Out'Daddy, I'm sorry' Brittany pleads as his big hand smacks down. Embarrassed as he spanks in between her legs. 'Do you need my belt?' he asks, ordering her to remove her top. Laying the stingy leather across her backside, she yelps furiously, melting in shame as he removes her panties.
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fotkChelsea PfeifferKyra FoxDecember 03One Night Stand, One Morning Bending OverKyra came home in the morning fully disheveled after spending the night out with a one night stand she met in a bar. Chelsea takes the loose little lady over her knee for a sound reminder to never put herself in such a dangerous situation, especially without letting anyone know where she is.
Marked Butts Domestic Disciplinespankingm/fotkJenniferKyle JohnsonNovember 30Kissing Mr. Johnson 2 - Jennifers BeltingJennifer is begging Kyle have mercy and that she learned her lesson, but he has no remorse as he drags her to the couch, pulls down her panties and takes her protesting over his knee. Her tans her with his belt until she is crying and promising to be a good girl for the rest of their relationship.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fstockingspussy spankingmasturbationerotic spankingMiss BernadetteSarah GregoryNovember 30Spank My Lady Parts To Climax 3 - Sarah Gregory - Part 2Miss Bernadette spanks Sarah's naked pussy, butt hole and bottom as Sarah has multiple orgasms. This is a very sexual, sensual film with some good spanking action. These were Sarah Gregory's first Penalty Swats and they are very intense.
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fbbwpaddleCeceChelsea PfeifferNovember 30Starting With A Red Bottom - Part TwoSince Cece was hot and ready to begin with this sizzling scene moves on to more implement spanking play. Cece takes a strapping, a paddling AND another strapping leaving her pre-spanked bottom now fully spanked!
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fleather beltbelt spankingStevie RoseNovember 30The Belt Whipping Of Her Life - Stevie Rose 6Stevie has barely stopped crying from the cane, when his belt slides through the loops. Pulling her panties down, she is positioned over the pillow on perfect display. His heavy belt cracks down on her swollen exposed flesh. She fights to be brave, immediately reduced to tears.
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fotkstockingsgroup punishmentpantyhoseApricot PittsAshley LaneBrittany ShaeStevie RoseNovember 26Mean Girls And A Nerd Punished Part One - SpankingsAshley and Brittany have been bullying Apricot, and Apricot hacked their computers to get the proof. The College Disciplinarian punishes everyone. The bullies get paddled with a board in soaking wet panties to increase the sting, bare ass stripes from a yardstick and Penalty Swats on the butthole.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fstrapwooden spoonLozNovember 26Suffering For Art - Heavy Razor Strop And Wood Spoon - Stevie And LozMake her ass nice and red for a pretty picture, Stevie has just the thing in mind. A good hard beating with the Razor Strop and Wood Spoon. Angry red welts form, deep blueish bruises begin to rise, the skin white hot and blistering.
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fstrapChelsea PfeifferMaddy MarksNovember 26Too Long Since Her Last Spanking - Part TwoNow that things have progressed to the hot and sizzling stage, Chelsea takes up another, bigger, harder paddle which perks Maddy up quite a bit! But, of course, no sensual spanking is complete without the last burning lash of the strap!
Worst Behavior Productionsspankingf/fstockingsbutthole spankingCasey CalvertStevie RoseNovember 23Consequences Redu Skylar And Casey Punished Paddle, Strap And Penalty Swats - Part 2These two films were combined and triple stack edited to bring you full enjoyment and pleasure of seeing both Skylar Rose and Casey Calvert spanked, paddled, strapped and receiving painful Penalty Swats.
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fdiaper positionstockingsbbwwhippingdungeonChristy CutieNovember 23Rough Attention For Her Cunt And Thighs - Christy Cutie Dungeon Playtime - Part 2Spreading her legs again, Christy Cutie rubs her clit as she is flogged inside her thighs, and then on her bare breasts. Gathering her legs in one arm, the heavy floggers beat down harshly on her swollen red thighs and ass. Building each time until she cries out before changing sides to begin again.


Nov 26Elizabeth Is Very AngryElizabeth sees her flat mate ruin one of best tops by running a hot iron over it. Her friend jokes 'what are you gonna do spank me ?' Well be careful what you wish for as that is exactly what Elizabeth did. A firm bare bottom spanking followed by a hard dose of the paddle across the bare!
Nov 26Stages Of A School GirlA Naughty Schoolgirl is supposed to be waiting quietly for her punishment. Instead she is messing around trying to cane herself to see how it feels. I guess I am going to have to show her how a real punishment is administered. We start with a hand spanking and follow with a hard caning.
Nov 23Chelsea Spanks Sasha RussoChelsea decided it was time to meet Sasha. She would be the perfect woman to show up at my door simply because she needed a spanking. Boy, did she ever! Sasha arrived provocatively dressed. How impudent!
Nov 19Starlet Two - Baby WheelbarrowedIn this part 2 Baby Britney Light wakes and is discovered by Starlet's manager Juliette March who spanks and wheelbarrows beautiful baby. The spanking is hot and the shots... well, let's just say they are quite revealing.
Nov 19Vintage Lingerie Hairbrush SpankingThe heavy wood hairbrush cracks down on Christy Cutie's punished flesh as she begins to moan. Another thick paddle beats a solid rhythm on her naughty cheeks. Trapped over his knee, she has no escape as he begins to spank her thighs.
Nov 19A Sensual Spanking ExperienceAndrea's inner thighs are lightly spanked red with the stingy wooden paddle Kyle has, and his hand goes from lightly grazing sensitive areas to smacking them without warning, as Andrea tingles, moans and squirms as she flinches from and pushes into the swats.
Nov 16Spanking Teen Casey Calvert - Skipping ClassCasey cuts class to come home and play video games. Confronted in the living room by her stepdaddy she is openly defiant and ends up yanked across his lap. Pulling her thin dress up around her hips to expose her cotton thong panties, his big hand rains down. Casey kicks her legs in protest.
Nov 16Shorts Six - Introducing Codi KimbellCodi Kimbell is a long-legged blonde from Phoenix who wanted to try her very first spanking. We are glad she did. Watch her first video at Worst Behavior Productions, a sensual and erotic spanking session.
Nov 16Starting With A Red Bottom - Part OneCece shows up for her sensual spanking session with an already reddened bottom. Oh goodness, such promise. So Chelsea goes right to work, taking the lingerie cad naughty girl down for the start of a long sexy spanking. Things get hot pretty quickly and soon Cece is feeling the sting of a hairbrush!
Nov 12Caution I Spank On The First Date - Troublemaker OTKTroublemaker had fantasized about this moment for months, scarcely believing he would actually spank her first date. Her fantasy comes true, her pale skin is smacked hot and red across his lap. She hopes her fantasy has not overdone her tolerance as he reaches for a hairbrush and paddle.
Nov 12Spank My Bare Pussy - Part 2Raven Mackenzie dreamed of meeting the famous spanking models and someday being one herself - maybe she is arriving. Raven is spanked and blanketed in Stevie Rose who takes every inch of Raven and brings her to multiple climaxes. This is a highly erotic film.
Nov 11Chelsea Spanks Jade IndicaNow, with Jade Indica, we're dealing with someone who has definitely been spanked before. By the time this half hour of non-stop reality spanking ended, pretty brunette Jade had taken not only my hand at its hardest, but a hairbrush, a paddle, a strap and a triple cane!
Nov 09She Lost The Bet Three - Part 2After Spanking and Paddling Reyna, Apricot both seduces and puts Reyna on her back, in the diaper position, and straps her with a heavy strap on the bare bottom. You can see the excitement glistening from between Reyna's legs as she has dreamed of being punished by another girl.
Nov 09Dinner Disappointment - Casey Calvert Step Daddy Spanking OTKA spoiled step daughter finds herself draped across Step-Daddy's lap. Smacking down on the thin denim, Casey's cheeks wobble as his hand crashes down. Picking up the wood backed hairbrush, a volley of sharp spanks in the center of her peachy globes leaves her whimpering and clenching.
Nov 09Social MiscommunicationSome confusion takes place after Rose's pants are seductively lowered, and the clueless disciplinarian immediately starts blistering her bottom with his hand as hard as he can. The confused and startled girl yelps and squirms as her panties are quickly pulled down as well, leaving her sore...


Idle Rosaleen YoungRosaleen Young is given a long OTK spanking and a dose of Mums wooden cooking spatula, which has poor Rosaleen doing the Spanky Dance all over the kitchen as her Mum holds her over the counter and toasts her young buns.
Head Or Tail - Office Blackmail Starring Casey Calvert And Chrissy MarieThe Boss is quick to offer her an opportunity to earn her raise on her knees, or bent over the desk. Her tight skirt is soon bent over, his heavy belt cracks down. Chrissy soon questions the wisdom of trying to blackmail the Boss.
The Right Place For A Spanking - Part OneMaddy's admittedly in need of a sexy spanking. And, to prove it she's shown up at Chelsea's side fetchingly dressed in the naughtiest black lingerie. Who could resist? Certainly not Chelsea, so Maddy is coaxed over Chelsea's knee and the sensual spanking experience begins.
Fucking Is ForbiddenMr Carter makes Paige get on all fours and gives her a good spanking over her white panties before lowering them to continue spanking her already red bare bottom. Then, he tells her he's going to use something more effective.
Playtime With Kiki - Sensual Lingerie CaningPushing her bottom up to meet the birch bundle, rhythmic strokes across her cheeks and down the backs of her thighs. She is warned playfully not to clinch she takes stroke. His hands caress and stroke her flesh, warm with building desire.
Nude Plugged Strapping For KikiLaying on her back with her legs spread she moans as she inserts the massive plug. Ordered to spread her legs wide, the heavy strap cracks down across her poor thighs and bottom. Thrusting and grinding and she absorbs the pain and the ecstasy and agony begin to melt together.
Harsh Personal Training - Prison Strapping - Part 2The unbearable sting of the strap on her spandex covered bottom is about to get much worse. Stevie whimpers as the giant strap collides, leaving angry red welts with each stroke. Her pretty round cheeks are scalded angry red, framed by her tiny cotton thong.
Paige CaughtPaige was caught pleasuring herself during work hours and her boss if furious. Paige is bent over her desk and receives a firm thrashing. Then her boss takes the paddle to her bare backside.
Both Ends Are SmokingNaughty Andy Moon gets sent home from work for getting caught smoking... and not cigarettes. Really? Over Chelsea's knee goes Andy. It's a long, hard hand spanking that not only leaves Andy with a red, hot bottom, but also much remorse for such behavior.
Trixie Otk Paddling - Bare Bruised Bouncing BottomThe swats fall hard and fast covering every inch of her juicy bottom. Her mascara is a mess and she begins to sob. Her punished cheeks are massaged with soothing oil as she is given a moment to collect herself for the worst yet to come.
Her Secret Spanking LifeVeda has a secret life making spanking movies on the side. Her secret is out when Chelsea finds a check made out to Veda from some production company. Chelsea, always curious and, of course watchful, searches the company on the Internet and finds that it's a spanking production company.
Starry Knight Punished With The Wooden PaddleAfter her hand spanking, which is hardly what one would consider a warm-up, Starry Knight takes two paddles. One big, thick wooden heart-shaped paddle and the biggest paddle Chelsea owns. Then she take my triple-cane, Chelsea's favorite strap and (like Stevie) the thwacker.