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Hitchhiking Consequences

Johanna Sullivan, Kyle Johnson, spanking, m/f, otk, outdoor

In 'Hitchhiking Consequences', Johanna is at the road trying to get signal after Kyle and her car broke down on the side of the road. As she realizes they are too far up to get signal, she starts trying to flag down random cars to drive her to the bottom of the hill to make a call to AAA. However, right before someone stops, Kyle catches her and realizes what a stupid and dangerous mistake she is trying to make, and tells her when they get home, she is getting a spanking for trying to ride with a stranger without telling him what she was doing.On the way back to the car, however, Johanna accidentally reveals that she has hitchhiked to get signal when they had been broken down previously, and Kyle instantly stops at the nearest rock, takes her shorts and panties down, and proceeds to handspank the squirming and struggling girl as hard as he can to try to help her to remember to be more responsible the next time she is making a difficult choice. This multi-angled video is a beautiful outdoor background for a very sound and severe spanking to a very irresponsible young lady!

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