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Real Discipline Series: Blossom's Bruises

Kyle Johnson, Blossom, spanking, m/f, otk, severe, wooden paddle

Blossom has been talking to Kyle for YEARS and has never met up with him, so when she does, there is alot of atonement for past actions to be had. However, the young spanko admits to Kyle that she has a habit of scratching herself and leaving marks and scars on her body from this ''nervous habit'' which though she has wanted to and tried to stop, she always goes back to. A very intense lecture about her self control follows, before she is made to stand up and reflect for awhile right before her spanking.When Kyle comes back in, he wastes no time in taking this girl in hand by pulling her over his knee and administering one of the HARDEST hand spankings ever to this girl, who is immediately very regretful, and that's BEFORE her skirt comes up and she is left yelping as she is spanked over her panties til she is well marked and is CRYING HER EYES OUT. Kyle comforts and talks to her to refocus her mind before pulling down her panties and SPANKING HER BARE BOTTOM with his hand and then laying her down for an INCREDIBLY hard spanking that has her squirming, bawling and SEVERELY BRUISED!NOT A SESSION FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, VERY SEVERE, BUT VERY NECESSARY, AND SHE STOPPED THE ACTIONS AFTER THIS SESSION! A GREAT WATCH IF YOU WANT TO SIT IN ON A VERY REAL INTENSE DISCIPLINE SESSION!

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