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Hippie Madness

Stevie Rose, Kyle Johnson, m/f, otk, outdoor, spanking

Stevie and her dog Spankee are out with her dominant Kyle on a hike when she discovers a patch of land she feels connected to and in her free-spirited mindset, decides to strip naked, leave her clothes on the trail, and dance in the wild like Janis Joplin. Kyle, meanwhile, is searching for the pair when he finds Spankee, who he thinks is warning him about something that happened to Stevie. As he hurrys up the trail after Spankee, he finds Stevies panties and clothes. Thinking something bad has happened, he frantically runs and yells until he finds her dancing.When she fails to have a good explanation as to why she is naked in a park where nudity is prohibited, he decides to nip the problem in the bud.. By finding a rock, putting her over his knee in JUST a t-shirt, and spanking her bare bottom soundly til it is glowing and she is promising to never dance naked where its illegal again.

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