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Side By Side Spanking - Chrissy Marie And Lola Sexy Sleepover

Chrissy Marie, Lola Anderson, spanking, m/f

After spanking each other, Chrissy Marie calls her boyfriend to come over and pay attention to their bare bottoms. Side by side on the bed, they giggle happily as he begins to spank them. A bundle of cane jiggles their cheeks just right before the heavy leather flogger. Alternating between sets of cheeks with a little leather paddle, before playing whack a butt with a giant paddle that covers both cheeks. They begin to moan as the swats fall harder, he soon takes a break to caress and spank their pussies one at a time.They both enjoy watching the others cheeks bounce under his attentions. He pulls them forward by the back of the head to announce that their is one more activity that is fun to enjoy with a friend.

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