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Chrissy Marie Blistered With The Strap - Spanked Cousins

Chrissy Marie, Lola Anderson, spanking, m/f, strap

Naughty cousins in trouble, Chrissy Marie and Lola know that their punishment is far from over. Strip to their white cotton panties they are sent up to the bedroom for Discipline before bed that will leave them blistered and crying. Chrissy Marie is ordered onto all fours first while Lola watches in horror. Her bottom pushed out for the strap, she lurches forward with each painful lick. And her breasts way as she cries I'm sorry daddy. She will get no sympathy as the strap falls harder. A heavy paddle paints fresh bruises on her poor little bottom.Beautiful face contorted in pain as she cries and whimpers through her punishment.

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