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New Videos added January 23, 2019

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Jan 23Caning At HomeAbigail gets in trouble for her school report, that was not very good and no improvement was made! She is put over the knee for a hand spanking on her bare bottom making her bottom really red and sore! She then bends over the couch as she gets thrashed with the cane!
Jan 22Caught FightingThe Dean has just learned that his own niece was caught fighting. The Dean starts out over his knee on her bare bottom and then finishes off the punishment with the cane. That should make her think twice about fighting.
Jan 21How To Warm Hot Yoga PantsIn the midst of a serious heat wave, Lizzy decides to turn off the air conditioning in order to practice a hot yoga session at home. If Lizzy wants to be heated up, Chelsea has the solution. It comes in the form of a stinging spanking, complete with hairbrush!
Jan 21Expelled & SpankedJohanna is taken OTK under protest and spanked soundly by her Guardian until she is pleading and promising she will do better. To her horror, her bottom is then COMPLETELY BARED and her spanking finishes on her LILY WHITE BOTTOM as it is turned BRIGHT RED over a strong female knee!
Jan 21Spanking Secretaries Revenge - Human Resource Nightmare 2Chrissy Marie gets up to leave only to be yanked down strongly across Lola's lap for payback. Lola wastes no time in stripping her nude spanking her bare bottom and pussy. Her revenge spanking is even harder than Chrissy gave it to her. Chrissy Marie whimpers , nude and spread over her lap.
Jan 18The Reluctant Spanking ModelHarley shows up for her first ever spanking shoot. Nervously, she goes to the bathroom and then locks herself in! Chelsea finally gets into the bathroom and coaxes Harley out and the spanking fun begins. Harley is given her first ever serious hand spanking and, guess what? She likes it!
Jan 18Religious NuttersThey kiss a little before Pandora takes down her jeans and goes over the knee and Catherine gives some good hard hand spanks! But they get caught by Mr Cameron, so the ladies must bend over the couch bottoms up for a good spanking with the strap!
Jan 18For The Love Of Cheerleaders - Titty Cam - Bare Bottom Cheerleader PaddlingHer panties or pull down to her thighs, side camera catches every reaction on her gorgeous face. Her pretty bare breasts lurch forward jiggling under the impact. Side camera titty captures the prettiest view of the action . Brittany Shae is the cheerleading dream you've always wanted to see paddled.
Jan 14Spread Nude Orgasm - Extra Attention For Arielle LaneTaking her discipline like a good girl, Arielle earns the rewarding touch she craves. His bug hands thumping down on her soaked cunt, sending shivers through her. The hitachi begins to hum on her throbbing cunt. Pulsing and moaning to a thundering climax.
Jan 14She's Ready For It - Part TwoFor Maddy's naughty delight her discipline session continues with the paddle. Soon however, it's time for some strapping with a steel-reinforced black leather strap. To top off the hot time, Maddy's beautiful red bottom gets a good, sexy cropping!
Jan 13Rosaleen Young The LifestylerRosaleen is a lifestyle spankee, and really enjoys being spanked and living out those spanking fantasies!
Jan 11Katie Lee's Late ArrivalKatie Lee is late again to work, to make sure it won't happen again she's going to get punished! She takes down her jeans for a bare bottom hand spanking as she goes over the knee, and then she must bend over and get a good strapping to ensure she's learned her lesson and won't be late ever again!
Sweet, Cute And Ever So Spankable - Part TwoTOP VOTED87%The reason Chelsea takes the sensual approach is because it can work up quite a bit of chemistry. That's when things really heat up. Adorable Alex's strapping is topped off with a stinging caning! Wow!
Wicked Stepsister Bare Bottom Paddling Bratty Chrissy MarieDelta reaches for a paddle, bringing the heavy leather down on Chrissy's punished flesh. The sting is unbearable as she has her bare bottom spanked hot and throbbing. Chrissy cries pathetically protesting throughout, finally offering an apology.
She Wants A Spanking - Part TwoTo take the desired and deserved spanking to another level, Chelsea has Ginger remove her little bit of lingerie and now the naked Ginger takes more paddling with yet another wooden paddle. And, what sizzling spanking would be complete with out a burning strapping!
Milf Maintenance - Stevie RoseHis thick leather belt cracks down hard, Stevie begins to whimper and cry, wondering if she made a mistake trying to seduce him. She is ordered to stack two pillow and lay across them for the worst, yet to come.
What's Best For YouTOP VOTED85%Chelsea catches the last of the telephone conversation and is mighty upset at what Luci has done. Luci goes over Chelsea's knee for a much deserved spanking with and AND hairbrush!
Summer Of The All American Slut - 2 - Casey CalvertChrissy is sent to stand in the corner with her thong pulled down around her thighs, beet red bottom on display. Casey takes the familiar of position spread across daddy's knee for hard slaps that will turn her round little bottom hot and red.
A Spanking, Yes Please! Part OneTOP VOTED88%Lovely lady Lillian willing presents herself for a sexy spanking scene that begins sensually, but quickly escalates. As Lillian responds to her spanking Chelsea takes up a leather paddle, but quickly realizes a wooden paddle is the proper implement for the job!
Dealing With Disrespect - Cousins Nude Paddling, Chrissy And LolaDisobedience and disrespect will not be tolerated. One of the time they put their hands on the wall, bottom with thrust out, panties down to learn a lesson with the paddle. Crying out as their bottoms are blistered, they are soon lined up together for a final paddling.
Waiting For The Other Shoe To DropMaddy's not the most organized person. She tends to rush around, distracted, and lose things. What will help? Well, a spanking of course. Maddy is hand spanked good and hard, and to top it off, she's spanked with the shoe she thought she lost!
Playtime With Kiki - Sensual Lingerie CaningPushing her bottom up to meet the birch bundle, rhythmic strokes across her cheeks and down the backs of her thighs. She is warned playfully not to clinch she takes stroke. His hands caress and stroke her flesh , warm with building desire.
Drunken Mistake Part 1: Preparing For PunishmentStevie wakes up hungover and very naked, without any memories of most of the night before. He got home and was going to spank her, but when he came to get her from the corner she was passed out, so he allowed her to wait until morning.
The Hidden Paddle - Bare Bottom Paddling For Chrissy MarieTOP VOTED89%Her pretty bottom is blistered as she counts out a final 20 swats. When she catches her breath, he decides to give her a dose of the belt . Her pretty bottom begins to bruise under heavy belt licks, she is sent to bed her favorite way - with a scorched sore bottom.
A Spanking In The CardsTOP VOTED87%Luci chooses Chelsea as her subject for the card reading, without Chelsea's consent. When the cards are laid out and Chelsea discovers the negative meaning of their layout, upon seeing what Luci was up to, there's sore repercussions for Luci.
Arielle Lane Nude Spread Hairbrush DisciplineBeside herself with arousal in her humiliating position across his knee. He picks up the hairbrush and proceeds to spank her pretty cheeks dark shade of angry red. She moans, obediently absorbing the pain, lost in submission as her bottom is blistered.
Summer Of The All American Slut - Chrissy Marie And Casey Calvert Topless At The PoolChrissy Marie is first across daddy's lap, protesting her innocence as he spanks her bottom in a thong bikini. Adding humiliation when her thong is pulled down, leaving her exposed for the paddle has she cries and moans
The Prank Mistake Feat. Kyle Johnson And MarieTOP VOTED85%A furious and humiliated Kyle takes Marie by the back of the neck, leads her off the trail and puts her over his knee where any passerby hikers can see her getting her bottom soundly spanked.
I Didn't Mean For You To Get WetTOP VOTED85%One rainy morning, unprepared-for-the-weather Alex decides Chelsea's umbrella with work and borrows it without asking. When Chelsea spends her rainy day getting drenched, there are repercussions that Alex should have expected. AND, there's a hairbrush involved!
Blistering Brat Discipline - Final SwatsShe sobs unrestrained as she takes the hardest swats of her life with a heavy strap and paddle. She knows she thoroughly deserves every lick of her spanking and will be a better behaved girl for it.
Caned And Slippered Prefects (caned Headgirls)The head school girls are chatting about getting disciplined, as the Headmaster comes in and confronts them on misbehaving! So each girl gets slippered on her bare bottom as they are bend over, and then Katie gets caned!
Hot And Not Very Fun! Feat. Skylar RoseWhen Skylar decides to miss a day of work because it's difficult and 'not fun,' Chelsea knows it's time to teach the girl a lesson. Skylar is taken off her ungrateful seat and over Chelsea's knee she goes. The ensuing hard hand spanking teaches the petulant beauty the lesson she needs!
Cure For The Whiney HeinieLuci's not much of a morning person. As soon as she's out of bed she begins grumbling. It's a bad habit to be sure and one that's beginning to get on Chelsea's nerves. The little whiny gets her heinie spanked good and hard!
Strip SpankErica is in trouble again and strips down to go over the knee for a hand spanking!
The AnnaBelle Lee 2 Stories - Unfunny ValentineThe is a Valentine's Day special with TWO heart-shaped tales. In Unfunny Valentine AnnaBelle tries to get her boring, conservative neighbor's goat by giving her a rude, prank valentine card. It works and she earns herself a trip of neighbor Chelsea's knee.
Ashley Lane Spandex Discipline - Strapped And PaddledThe big strap collides with her juicy bottom, no protection from the skin tight spandex. She lurches forward and moans in pain with each lick of the big strap. Obediently she holds position, taking to brutal straps and a big frat paddle across the seat of her tiny shorts.
Kiki's Topless Discipline - Otk And Belt Whipping - Forgotten Pajamas 1Repeated warnings ignored, time to teach her naughty little bottom lesson in appropriate attire. Soon she is positioned over the bed to take fabric of her sheer leggings pulled tight across her bottom as she hears the familiar jangle of his belt sliding through the loops...
The Hairbrush And Then To BedAs a final punishment Aunty Katie's puts each girl on the bed doggie style for a severe hard brushing. After the punishment the girls are told to go to bed.
The Spanking She Needs - Part OneLovely Luci admits she needs a spanking and a sexy spanking at that. Chelsea obliges happily, taking the lingerie clad beauty over her knee. It starts with a warm hand spanking, but soon comes the paddle. Luci gets what she wants and then some!
The New Girlfriend Living Room PunishmentTOP VOTED87%Sean is trying to impress his new girlfriend with a cozy night in. His daughters however have different ideas and come into the living room and are very rude. The girlfriend walks out and a furious Sean spanks both girls and sends them to bed.
Her Special Spanking - Part TwoThe special attention being paid to Johanna's firm little bottom continues as Chelsea has Johanna placed on all fours for a snapping cropping. Finally, no special spanking would be complete with out a stinging strapping!
The Lena Ramone Stories - Sexual SpankingSexual Spanking is one super sexed-up spanking session with a special vibrating toy, called the Vibestrap... Chelsea straps it onto her thigh and then places Lena just so, then the sexy spanking begins!
She's TipsyTOP VOTED85%Boss Chelsea doesn't tolerate drinking on the job and that becomes clearly evident when Stevie finds herself OTK for a humiliating spanking - one she must endure in order to retain her employment status!
Work Experience 8 – Final PunishmentIn the finale of the 8 part 'Work Experience' Saga, the Final Punishment is dished out, as Auntie Katie arrives back with her canes and Mr Fisher retrieves the naughty girl out of the corner, where she is red-bottomed and nude waiting for the end of her punishment.
Cane LottieThe main reason she is in my office today is that her time keeping has been lacking. She needs to be on time every where she goes. I was just going to give her a caning but now she was late to my office again I decided to start with a hand spanking first.
Quitters Will Be SpankedWhen the naughty girl comes home and dejectedly explains to Chelsea what she's done, life becomes even a little more hard for Luci. Chelsea gives the troubled beauty a much needed, good hard spanking complete with scolding!
Happy Ending Forced O - Swipe Right Spank SlutHis big hands pull her panties off, spreading her bare over his lap. Slapping at just the right rhythm between her legs as she moans in ecstasy. A barrage of spanks on her bottom, before picking up the hairbrush to give her exactly what a naughty girl needs.
School Shenanigans - Maddy Marks Ruler SpankingMeasuring a long wood ruler shaped paddle across her pretty cheeks, before crashing down on her voluptuous cheeks. She begins to whimper and cry out as her bare bottom is paddled. Finally allowed to stand up and rub her throbbing bottom before pulling her panties up and returning to class.
She's All Wet Feat. Skylar RoseTOP VOTED86%Skylar swings the hose around and 'accidentally' hits Chelsea with the hose. Chelsea's is doused with water and that's never good news. Her bikini bottoms are lowered and she's thoroughly hand spanked. A little hairbrush spanking gets the point across!
Cheergirl RivalsLola tricked her rival, Wynter, into wearing a retro style uniform to make her look silly but this backfires when the coach sees what she has done and decides that both these girls should see if they can take a disciplinary spanking instead, then maybe they can both make the team if they behave!
RDS: Sea J Raw Strapped Nude Past TearsTOP VOTED86%While talking about her situation, she bursts into tears before the discipline even starts and Kyle knows he is really going to have to be severe in order to help her forgive herself because she knows she deserves a very very bad one!
RDS: Stevies VitaminsAfter the next time Stevie forgot to take her vitamins, Kyle called her into the room and this is what followed: a hard bare bottom handspanking followed by a 20 swat bare bottom paddling with lots of promises to be a good girl!