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New Videos added on March 19, 2019

Amazing Free Previews from the top voted spanking sites in the world, Assume The Position Studios and Good Spanking Studios and The New Spanking Online and Marked Butts Domestic Discipline.

Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/fstrapChrissy MarieMarch 19Judicial Caning - Chrissy Marie And Delta Stripped For The Strap And CaneReporting to the court officer, Chrissy Marie and Delta are horrified to learn of their sentencing. 48 strokes of the cane. Protesting loudly, they begin to bargain with the Court Officer, offering bribes with are instantly met with additional sentence. Full PostVisit Site
The New Spanking Onlinespankingm/fotkhairbrushCamilla ScottMarch 19Hidden Implements - Naughty KissieOnce the hairbrush punishment has finished she is made to bend over the sofa arm and take a very hard paddling with the wood, her worst implement of all, which leaves her sobbing and feeling completely vulnerable. Full PostVisit Site
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/fotkChristy CutieChelsea PfeifferMarch 19I Definitely Need A Spanking - Part OneDarling Christy, dressed in a charming little bit of purple lingerie, presents herself for the sensual spanking she needs. Chelsea doesn't hesitate and takes the lady in need over her knee. Chelsea begins with a warming hand spanking, but soon progresses to a paddle and then ANOTHER! Full PostVisit Site
Assume The Position Studiosspankingm/friding cropwhippingStevie RoseMarch 15Stevie Rose- Bound For DisciplineStevie Rose is lovely stripped to her pink thong panties. Her legs are spread for the crop to smack down on her succulent cheeks and thighs. A small leather paddle is used to punish every inch of her cheeks, thighs, and cunt. Her pretty face contorts she whimpers and moans. Full PostVisit Site
Good Spanking Studiosspankingf/friding cropLizzy McAllisterMarch 15How Did You Get Into Spanking - Part TwoLizzy's hot spanking session continues with more paddling, this time it's a little but deceptively hard wooden paddle. Then comes a cropping and finally a strapping! Lizzy's bottom is red hot, but her face is smiling! Full PostVisit Site
The New Spanking Onlinespankingf/fotkcaningElizabeth SimpsonFaeMarch 15Password Not WorkingMiss Simpson is livid that one of her highest paying customers is complaining about Faes email to him. Faye apologizes but is told she must be dealt with in the way they deal with naughty Employees: A bare bottom spanking and caning. Full PostVisit Site


Mar 14Teacher In TroubleShe is being reviewed by her superiors and they are unsatisfied due to her level of leniency with her students. She is bared and is given a blistering handspanking from the Headmaster, before having a very sound caning which she takes with as much grace as she is able to muster.
Mar 12Topless Paddling Arielle Lane - Weekly Discipline 2Ordered to remove her tank top, she bends back over with her elbows on the table. Her bare breasts hang in front of her, swinging freely under the impact of each swat. The swats fall hard and fast, lurching forward because as cries out in pain.
Mar 12Naughty When NakedChelsea arrives home to find Luci parading about the house completely nude! What?! This requires a spanking of the first order. The lovely naked Luci goes over Chelsea's knee for a well earned spanking. A hard hand spanking at that!
Mar 10Disgraceful BehaviorMarshall is hauled in front of the Head after hitting another girl during the school hockey match. She is informed that this kind of dangerous behavior will never be tolerated & her attitude was one of absolute insolence that would NOT go unpunished!
Mar 08Adorably Spankable - Part OneHarley's ready for her sexy spanking, dressed in a naughty nurse outfit with even naughtier panties underneath. Chelsea's up to the required task and obligingly takes the lovely Harley over her knee. The spanking begins and Harley's bottom heats up quickly.
Mar 08Caught In Daddy's Wallet - Belt Whipping For Christy CutieOver the bench at the end of the bed, her dress is pulled up to reveal pretty pink gingham panties. The belt lashes down as she is scolded, yelping in contrition. Her pretty face scrunched up in pain as she takes the belt whipping she richly deserves.
Mar 05Her I Wanna Get Spanked Outfit - Part OneApricot wants a spanking, so she dresses provocatively and presents herself to the person she knows can deliver. The bottom heating hand spanking soon progresses to a paddling with a sexy black leather paddle!
Mar 05Stepsisters Spanked Together - Lingerie Shopping SpreeDelta is first across his lap as Chrissy sits nervously watching her punishment. Delta obediently removes her bra and he continues to spank her pretty round bottom hot and red. Flushed with shame as he removes her panties, He paddles her bottom as she cries in protest.
Mar 04Jodie's Big BottomMiss Simpson checks Jodie's bottom yanking down her knickers before she gives her proper punishment putting her over the knee for a little hand spanking! Jodie must then bend over and grab her knees as she is really spanked hard with the strap on her sore red bare bottom!
Mar 01Belt Whipping And Anal Discipline - Summer Of The All American SlutCasey whimpers pitifully as her bottom is punished with the plug, forced to retain as Chrissy suffers under the heavy lash of Daddy's Belt. Sniffling and crying as she takes the hardest licks. Their poor bottom are throbbing and blistered, side by side as he cools them off with ice.
Mar 01Shoplift Now, Pay LaterWhile casually shopping in a toy store, Luci decides it would be fun to SHOPLIFT a little stuffed animal. Just for kicks. She proudly shows off her ill-gotten goods to Chelsea when she gets home. Feeling so clever, she doesn't realize what's coming till she's over Chelsea's knee.
Mar 01Choir Girl DisciplineLouise must bare her bottom and wait for the discipline to begin, thinking about her situation and the punishment to come. Miss Bradley puts the naughty choir girl Louise over her knee and gives her the good old hand spanking on her bare bottom!
Feb 26Casey Calvert - A Package For DaddyCasey comes home from dance recital dressed in a skimpy white leotard, half shirt and leg warmers. Sweetly she asks for a spanking and is promptly sent to the bedroom. Across his knee, her perky cheeks wobble under his smacks as she moans with enthusiasm.
Feb 26It Hurts To Be MeanAlex is rushing down the hallway, just as Chelsea has paused in the hallway to check her phone. Alex rudely shoves Chelsea out of the way. Goodness, such badness! Alex gets just what she earned as she is spanked thoroughly, kicking and whining all the way until her bottom is red hot!
Feb 24Bad WorkJasmine is doing bad work in school, when letters get sent home Mr Baxter is informed of the situation and takes action to correct this with some spankings. The hand punishment is not enough for Jasmine since this is not the first time in trouble so she gets the belt too!
Feb 22Nude Plugged Strapping For KikiLaying on her back with her legs spread she moans as she inserts the massive plug. Ordered to spread her legs wide, the heavy strap cracks down across her poor thighs and bottom. Thrusting and grinding and she absorbs the pain and the ecstasy and agony begin to melt together.
Feb 22Jodie's DetentionJodie has gotten her third detention for this school term. The dean informs Jodie that she will receive a spanking for her disobedience. The dean gives her a hard hand thrashing on her bare bottom.Then leaves her to think about her bad behavior with a sore red bottom.
Feb 22How Did You Get Into Spanking - Part OneThe blonde darling, fetchingly lingerie clad, goes over Chelsea's knee willingly. Chelsea begins with a little bit of a warm up spanking, but soon introduces the first of many implements, a sweet but stingy little leather paddle.
Feb 22Asian SpankingShe has not finished her lessons, but had decided to relax and listen to her music instead. Her guardian will not take this behavior and gives her a good spanking on her backside. Then gives her the strap to make sure she has proven her point.
Feb 21Hygiene DisciplineShe asks to use the bathroom first, and he insists on watching to make sure she cleans up properly afterward. Then he decides to cane her, and despite her protests she is bent over the side of the bed for many very hard strokes which produce tears.
Feb 19The New GirlMs Bright is far from impressed and decides that Sophie needs to learn how naughty young ladies are treated when they break school rules. Sophie is given an over the knee spanking and told to report to the detention class.
Feb 19Caught By The Boss - Spanked Secretaries Chrissy Marie And LolaBare bottoms lined up side-by-side over the couch for a dose of his thick leather belt. He will take full advantage of his position of power to punish to their naughty little backsides and probably more.
Feb 19Sexual Harassment Gets Her SpankedHarley comes home to announce she's been fired from her job for sexually harassing another WOMAN! Chelsea's not down with any kind of sexual harassment, of course, but since this case involves another woman AND it got Harley fired, this clearly calls for some punishment of some sort.
Feb 17It's A Wrap!Models Rebecca, Lottie and Belinda are interviewed following their shoot with Mr. Baxter and the Matron. They discuss how they felt about being spanked and caned, and assure the audience that they were happy to be there and would love to return. Fun little behind the scenes clip!
When Passive Meets AggressiveWhen Chelsea turns to leave the room, Linny spitefully sticks her tongue out at Chelsea...just as Chelsea turns back to add one last point on the conversation. Chelsea catches Linny making the nasty face and the rest is bottom warming history for the passive/aggressive Linny.
Nightgown DisciplineThe disciplinarian enters the room in a no-nonsense fashion and briskly flips her over his knee, instantly lighting up her bottom with a brisk flurry of hard swats to her nearly nude butt. He picks up a paddle as the girl desperately pleads and teaches her a lesson she will never forget.
A D.D. DiscussionStevie hasn't been able to get the idea of DD out of her head since, and asks her husband if he would discipline her with a spanking so she can see how it feels. They both shyly work their way through this strange and beautiful first experience with Domestic Discipline.
Spread Nude Orgasm - Extra Attention For Arielle LaneTaking her discipline like a good girl, Arielle earns the rewarding touch she craves. His bug hands thumping down on her soaked cunt, sending shivers through her. The hitachi begins to hum on her throbbing cunt. Pulsing and moaning to a thundering climax.
Discipline Auditions: KendraThe SEXY LITTLE Kendra starts in tight shorts and a loose little shirt, and proceeds to strip BUTT NAKED as she is spanked in various positions of HER CHOOSING with implements she wants to try out for the FIRST TIME on her PERT little BARE BOTTOM!
Stevie's Nude Bondage PunishmentTOP VOTED89%This is a very sound controlled discipline session, where Stevie is spanked far past tears with hand, cane, and other implements. Very BDSM-ish and a VERY severe nude spanking!
Time For Your Spanking - Part OneIn this sensual spanking scenario, dressed in fetching black linger, Dorothy awaits Chelsea's attention and Chelsea is happy to comply. Chelsea sets to her task of warming Dorothy's pert little bottom with a sound hand spanking. This soon leads to a paddling with a sexy little leather paddle!
Very Personal Training Chrissy Marie - Spandex Strapping - 2She agrees to except his training even if it means having her bottom beaten with a strap! Balancing over the ball, her bottom is pushed up and vulnerable. The thick leather razor strop soon has her whimpering as it cracks down on the skin tight spandex.
Dressed For Her Spanking - Part OneHarley appears dressed in slinky, soft light blue lingerie to be spanked and more in a sensual spanking scene. Chelsea is always ready to take a sensually adventurous spanking where ever it's ready to go. Soon, there's a handy little strap put to good use on Harley's hot botttom!
Casey Calvert Taught A Lesson In Skin Tight JeansHard fast hand spanking, her pretty bottom jiggles enthusiastically under each swat. Ordered to push her bottom up the for the strap, Casey takes 50 stinging licks of the big leather strap. Her pretty face shows her love/hate of the strap as she obediently takes her licks.
Switching For Getting LostSteadily the stinging from the biting switch intensifies and little Kissie feels her legs begin to shake as she struggles to keep her position. Before long Alex is whipping her with it hard and fast, and as he does so Kissie feels a strong sense of regret for her poor decision making.
Room Inspection 3 Figging And Caning For Naughty ChristyA thick plug of fresh ginger is carved to teach her naughtiest hole an excruciating Lesson. The thick Ginger plug burns intensely, an appropriate discipline for her deviant behavior. Fighting not to clench as the cane sears into her bare thighs.
Simpson Will LearnShe is put over the table to get the hardest punishment she will ever get, a little hand spanking and caning to begin and then panties down for some bare bottom caning! With a sore marked ass the caning continues as she screams in pain with every whack of the cane!
Stripped For Her SpankingTOP VOTED88%While trying to hold down a day job, and stripping at night, Sinn lets up her guard and is caught sneaking in the house during the wee hours of the morning. Chelsea's ready to take the naughty stripper over her knee and in no time that's exactly where Sinn finds herself.
Decoy DisasterAn angry Kyle, realizing he has been played, decides to teach Stevie a lesson by spanking her high school friend first over her short shorts, than over her panties, than onto her BRIGHT RED BARE BOTTOM as she protests and Stevie watches unconcerned with her wellbeing.
Stevie Craves The Cane - Full Force, Full Nude Caning DisciplineBeautiful Stevie Rose lays nude across the bed, her pretty bottom thrust up over two pillows. The Cane falls rhythmically , crying out as the harsher strokes burn deeply. She rides around in agony, obediently thrusting her bottom up, encouraging him to do his worst.
Keeping Up Her EndThe unprofessional behavior and resulting loss of her job leaves Chelsea on the hook for the entire month's rent and possibly more, depending. The spanking ensues and it doesn't go lightly, either. A hard hand spanking, followed by a good dose of a wooden hairbrush puts Dorothy back on track!
A Spanking, Yes Please! Part TwoThe sexy scene continues as Lillian takes more paddling. Things get intense when Chelsea decides it's time for a caning! After that stinging experience, Chelsea follows up with a sound strapping. Wow!
Spankflix And Chill - Maddy Paddled OTKShe'll be really takes for speaking, wailing in pain as the sting overwhelms her. Confessing that the heaviest paddle hurts more but she likes it more. Encouraging him to spank her harder, her breathing is ragged has her bottom spanked.
Chrissy Marie Blistered With The Strap - Spanked CousinsChrissy Marie is ordered onto all fours first while Lola watches in horror. She will get no sympathy as the strap falls harder. A heavy paddle paints fresh bruises on her poor little bottom. Beautiful face contorted in pain as she cries and whimpers through her punishment.
Trudy CanedHe briskly, and with little lecture or hesitation, marches the girl to the center of the room, puts hr hands on her ankles, pulls down her knickers and proceeds to deliver a BLISTERING caning that the girl fights to remain in position during.
The Prank Mistake Feat. Kyle Johnson And MarieTOP VOTED85%A furious and humiliated Kyle takes Marie by the back of the neck, leads her off the trail and puts her over his knee where any passerby hikers can see her getting her bottom soundly spanked.
Hitchhiking ConsequencesIn 'Hitchhiking Consequences', Johanna is at the road trying to get signal after Kyle and her car broke down on the side of the road. This multi-angled video is a beautiful outdoor background for a very sound and severe spanking to a very irresponsible young lady!
Arielle Lane Spread For Nude DisciplineRepositioned spread across his knee, he has full access to punish her naughtiest parts thoroughly. Her cheeks wobble, moaning in a delicious combination of pain and arousal. Her legs are spread wide, fully exposed across his knee. Extra punishing swats between her legs on her pretty princess parts.
What's Best For YouTOP VOTED86%Chelsea catches the last of the telephone conversation and is mighty upset at what Luci has done. Luci goes over Chelsea's knee for a much deserved spanking with and AND hairbrush!
Regulation RedAt the Corporal Punishment School for Wayward Girls, all-too-streetwise Stevie must have a red bottom daily. It's time for Regulation Red as Stevie goes over Chelsea's knee for a hard hand spanking AND a paddling before that required redness meets code!
Discipline Auditions: Lorelies Emotional Release Part 1She is going to be seeing Stevie in a Tears by Stevie session for her bad behaviors, but beforehand, she asks Kyle to get her into the headspace by pre-spanking her to tears before Stevie gets ahold of her.
Hot Girl, No Plot, Pants Down Spanky Spanky 2An extra heavy mean paddle is applied to her ripe cheeks. With her pants down, her Birthday Paddle is applied fast to her swollen cheeks as she counts off a swat for each year. Her pretty face is flushed and her exposed bottom is red and blistered by the end of her paddling.
A Policy Of Paddling - Bare Bottom Paddling For Slutty Cheerleader Brittany ShaeThe paddle is giant, fully covering both of her cheeks with each swat. The splat of wood across her succulent cheeks echoes in the room along with her cries. 10 swats with a giant paddle drilled with holes as Britney promising to mend her slutty ways.
The Lena Ramone Stories - Sexual SpankingSexual Spanking is one super sexed-up spanking session with a special vibrating toy, called the Vibestrap... Chelsea straps it onto her thigh and then places Lena just so, then the sexy spanking begins!
Jodie's Big BottomTOP VOTED89%He knows she has been eating too many sweets and has put on a bit of weight. Out of concern for her health, he addresses this, but she denies eating or even liking sweets. Jodie is spanked OTK for poor health choices and then bent over a chair for a sound caning on the bare for stealing the candy.
Cash For Rent With Harley HavikChelsea gives Harley her half of the rent in be paid to the landlord on that day. Instead, Harley takes the cash and uses it frivolously on herself. When Chelsea gets a call from the landlord, there's trouble for Harley. It's time for a well-earned OTK spanking!
RDS: Sea J Raw Strapped Nude Past TearsTOP VOTED86%While talking about her situation, she bursts into tears before the discipline even starts and Kyle knows he is really going to have to be severe in order to help her forgive herself because she knows she deserves a very very bad one!
The Lost BetJosh offers to make a bet... If his team wins, he has told this pretty clueless girl that he is going to give her a spanking... She accepted! He proceeds to tan her bare bottom soundly for losing the bet and finishes with a nice leather strap, helping teach THIS sorry girl not to bet!
Candy Is Sweet But Hard For Her SeatChelsea was carefully saving the left over Halloween candy for a sweet treat after work, but while she was gone Apricot ate all that was left. This thoughtlessness costs Apricot a trip over Chelsea's knee that includes a stinging hairbrush spanking!
Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Caning - Maddy Marks Welted And SobbingMoaning from the first cut on her panties she begins to cry out with each searing stroke. After the initial dozen, she sniffles through her tears as her panties are lowered. She will receive an additional set of welts on her bare spread bottom and thighs.
I Will Not Dress Like A Slut - Varsity Buns - Chrissy MarieDressed in a skimpy thong bodysuit and sheer mesh gym shorts leaving a little to the imagination. Her nipples are clearly visible, her heavy breasts exposed at the sides. She is hauled over his knee for a spanking on her thin shorts.
Summer Tanning 3- Brutal Bare Razor Stropping - Maddy MarksThe Razor Strop is close to 2 feet long, double layered stiff brutal leather. Maddy obediently pushes her bottom up, wailing in pain from the first lick. Unable to keep her composure, kicking and writhing as she sobs into the couch.
Trouble At School - Beaten At Home - Severe Belt Whipping For Maddy MarksEmbarrassed by her behavior, he is determined to give her embarrassing punishment. The familiar sound of his adult porn through the loops send shivers down her back. Cracking down on the seat of her jeans she is given the hardest belt whipping she can remember.
Spank And Pet With A Friend - Casey CalvertSemi sheer white panties pulled tight across their succulent cheeks as they receive their favorite attention side-by-side over daddy's knee. Panties pulled down, they have their bottoms erotically warmed together. One can only wonder what they will share after being spanked together.
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